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Coffee Lover Gift Bundle
Coffee Lover Gift Bundle
Coffee Lover Gift Bundle
Coffee Lover Gift Bundle

Coffee Lover Gift Bundle

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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The LOVE season is around the corner and we have specially crafted this gift for the coffee lover! 2 Premium Coffees paired along with our Rose Gold Gooseneck kettle and Premium doorstep delivery all at a lovely Gifting Price! This is the ultimate coffee gift for that colleague and family member of yours who just loves his coffee!

Whats included in the bundle?
LIMITED SETS available. Early Love Bird SALE:$99. Regular Retail Price:$170. Place your order in advance! Coffee is available in different forms. Whole beans, Grinded or in Drip bags!

1) Exclusive Single Origin: 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Not a Blend, we want you to enjoy the real deal!)
Variety: Blue Mountain Arabica Typica

Elevation: 1,000m - 1,650m

Processing: Fully washed

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Flavour: Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Fruits & Floral

Acidity: Balanced

Body: Silky Smooth 

Tasting Experience
As a Pour over, the smoothness will be one cup to remember. Apart from its world-renowned outstanding feature of being very well-balanced in terms of acidity, sweetness & flavour, the Jamaican does not fall behind the bar with deliciousness. Packing itself well as a creamy smooth texture, Milk chocolate notes is pillioned along with delicate floral, citrus & fruity nuances. A cut above the rest, enjoy the nuances my friends!

As an Espresso, the shot is phenomenally well balanced and its flavour notes are brought up to another level of strength. What's the big deal with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee you might wonder? Well? We like to say here in our team that one will be wooed well by this seductive coffee.

2) Exclusive Single Origin: Colombia Las Nubes Valle de Cauca Geisha

Variety: Geisha

Elevation: 1,900-2,100m

Processing: Natural

Roast profile: Light/Medium Roast

Flavour: Lychee, Strawberry, Blueberry, Tropical fruit, Floral and Lemons

Acidity: Medium High

Body: Medium, Smooth

Tasting Experience
As a Pour over, this cup is to be remembered for life. Straight on fruitiness, lychee, sweet grapes and a balanced citrus acidity. Nothing more needs to be said.. this cup is full of joy and contentment and a well spent treat. We'll bet it'll either be the sweetest or second sweetest cup of coffee you'll ever tasted. Performed best on the filter.

As an Espresso, this shot is to be remembered for life. The aromas of lychee and sweet grapes perfumes off the silky golden crema as this bomb of fruity liquid gold silvers around your palate and down your throat in joy. Sweet, Citrus and Memorable. Nothing more needs to be said! A Premium Cup above the rest and suited as a Sweet Superior treat for your loved ones.

3) Luxurious Rose Gold Gooseneck Kettle

Perfect as a coffee gift to your loved ones or that one friend who is starting to brew coffee seriously! The Rose Gold plated shine will definitely bring along a luxurious vibe to your home brew set up and brighten up your day first thing in the morning during your morning coffee routine! Modern & Slick appearance.

This kettle is perfect for brewing. The long gooseneck spout allows a precise and slow water flow, granting you full control of brewing. This alllows you to brew evenly and extract the delicious flavours out of your coffee grounds perfectly. Easy to store and carry.  

Made of High quality stainless steel 304, coated with rose gold plating which prevents rust and corrosion, safe, durable and easy to clean. Can be used on induction stove, ergonomic handle for comfortable and easy grip. 

Capacity: 350ml
Weight: 173 Grams 
Diameter: 6.7cm / 8 cm 
Height: 8.6 cm
Length: 19.5 cm


4) Premium Doorstep Delivery with Tracking code

Do take note of our shipping and roast dates to better time your coffee schedule! More information can be found on our Shipping page!


250Gram / 10 Drip Bags: Premium White Matte Block Bottom Pouches with One-way valve & Easy-Tear Resealable Zipper. Heat Sealed for extended freshness.

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