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Geisha. Gesha. Gosh. WHAT is the DEAL?

Geisha Coffee Beans Singapore
The award-winning coffee at barista championships, the costly cup, the most amazing cup of coffee. YES! If you have hung around the specialty coffee world for a while now you should have heard of it! 

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Now now, let's dig in and find out more about this beautiful coffee that has caught the attention and love of coffee aficionados and lovers all around the world at first sight. Ahem, sip!

Origin of Geisha

This Gesha (More commonly known as Geisha) coffee variety was first documented in the 1930s in Southwest Ethiopia by the British Colonials. It was then brought to research centers around the globe, more spoken of to Costa Rica and then to Panama where it exploded in 2004. Many theories lie on how the variety eventually came known as Geisha, some say it was a translation difference where others say it was a spelling error. Perhaps, fate has it told that the taste of this cup deserves more than one way of pronouncing it! Now in 2004, a Geisha coffee from a family-owned farm, Panama, Hacienda La Esmeralda blew the palates and minds of coffee tasters around the world and won the Best of Panama auction. Fast forward 2019, a Costa Rica farm took its nurturing and growing of their Gesha variety to a whole new level. With a world record shaking $803 per lb of raw coffee. Due to demand and just shear tongue shivering taste, the popularity and variety of Geisha would typically cost you anywhere from $10-120 per cup

Specialty Geisha Singapore Coffee Beans

The Price though?

Why is Geisha. Gesha. Gosh. so expensive? Apart from the outstanding taste, precious quantity produced compared to large commercial farms where little care is given and high demand, the Geisha variety requires more costly cultivating, care and is simply more labor extensive. Just like how marbled beef taste better, it receives more care. This is the Gold Standard of Specialty Coffee and proves why it shows up at every National Coffee Championship. We, are simply in love with it.

Rest assured anyway! We don't have the $803/lb Panama Geisha inhouse.. (we sure do want to have several kilos of them!) but we've sourced a wallet-friendly and delicious Geisha for all of us to try! Currently on SALE now at just $60/250Gram for doorstep delivery with tracking (YES! we don't want it lost), a super affordable geisha coming around at $3/cup for 20 x 12.5 Gram filter brews. That's a steal considering you pay for regular specialty grade cups for $4-7 at cafes!

Geisha Singapore Roasted Coffee Beans

Taste of Geisha

Floral. Blueberries. Tropical fruits. Lychee. Higher grades Geisha tend to brag along with an exotic fruit aroma that is absolutely jaw-dropping. If you know what's up and ever do order one, you'll never forget the moment of sniffing at the one-way valve on your beloved Geisha bag. Geisha is best brewed black as a filter coffee. No milk, please. The point is to taste the huge flavor bomb of exoticness, not drown in down with the flavor of the milk! 

Specialty Coffee Beans Singapore
Thoughts on Geisha

Worth the buck? YES. It deserves to dance on your palate at least once in your lifetime! If you're a coffee lover we definitely recommend treating yourself to a Geisha coffee here and then! Nonetheless, if you're not a coffee enthusiast, we still recommend trying a good quality Geisha at least once! Besides, it's perfect as a gift! (Psst, it perfumes and smells amazing!) There's really no words to fully describe what a Geisha coffee tastes like, so just try it! It's like having a Michelin Star meal instead of your usual takeaway meal, it's fine to treat yourself once in a while! 

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