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Rental Machine & Grinder

Welcome to our Office and Rental section of Coffee Machines.

- Minimum 1 month rental -
Whatsapp +65 8550 8143 / email
to book your machine in advance. 

1. Automatic Coffee Machine (One touch) available for rent:

Office Coffee Machine Singapore

 CREMA Automatic Coffee machine  - $1/Month with purchase of our roasted coffee beans. Contact us for more information.
CREMA Automatic Coffee machine - $100/Month without the purchase of our coffee beans
DrCoffee Medium - $250/Month
DrCoffee Coffee Break - $400/Month
DrCoffee Minibar S2 - $450/Month
Medium Milk Fridge - $100/Month with rental of machine
Large Milk Fridge - $120/Month with rental of mchine
Jura 50-100 Cups a day - $450/Month

Click here for more information

2. Espresso Machines available for rent:
Sanremo Cube Singapore Distributor

Lelit Anna
- $110/month (Single Boiler)
Lelit Victoria
- $160/month (Single Boiler)
Lelit MaraX - $200/month (Heat Exchanger)
Lelit Bianca - $300/month (Double Boiler)
Sanremo Cube Black - $300/month (Vibratory Pump Heat Exchanger)
Sanremo Cube Black - $350/month (Rotary Pump Heat Exchanger)
Lelit GiuliettaX - $1000/month (2 Grouphead Machine)

3. Coffee Grinders available for rent:

All purpose single dose
DF64 with Italmill burr - $50/month
DF64 with Titanium Itamill burr - $60/month
DF64 with SSP (Filter/Espresso/Multipurpose) burr - $99/month

Espresso Machine Grinders only
DF64E Stepless Grinder with hopper or single dosing
- $99/month
DF64E Retail Espresso Grinder 64mm steel burrs - $99/month
DF64E Retail Grinder 64mm SSP Espresso burrs - $149/month
PL72 William Stepped Grinder with hopper dosing - $99/month

MACAP MXD Xtreme 75mm Flat Titanium Burr 3 Programmable doses - $180/month
MACAP MXD 75mm Flat Burr 3 Programmable doses  -$160/month
MACAP Mi40 Stepless 3 Programmable doses - $150/month
MACAP M6D 65mm Flat Burr 3 Programmable doses - $130/month
Quamar Q50E 54mm Flat Burr 2 Programmable doses - $99/month
MC7 Stepless Retail Grinder 75mm Flat Burr - $95/month
MC6 Stepless Retail Grinder 65mm Flat Burr - $70/month
MC42 Stepless Retail Grinder 58mm Flat Burr - $60/month
M42D retail grinder 58mm Flat Burr - $99/month

Please note rental grinders are not meant to be used for grinding more than 100kg/month (can easily be inspected by burr sharpness).
Production grinding require heavy-duty grinders.


> Delivery and Collection (2-way) Transport for all equipment - $80
> Self Collection @ 21 Lorong Kilat Singapore 598123, Cowpresso Coffee - Free

> Refundable deposit required, might be waived on a case by case basis.

> Optional +$99 Barista Class (1 Hour) / +$199 (2 Hour) during delivery by our Baristas/Roasters:
1) How to calibrate and brew the perfect espresso
2) 5 Coffee Extraction Factors
3) Basic Coffee Knowledge
4) How to froth/microfoam milk to super silky and rich
5) How to pour Latte Art
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