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Coffee Machine Rental

Rent a Coffee Machine starting from $1/Month. 

Free Installation, Servicing & Maintenance, & 1 FOR 1 Replacement in the event your machine is down (8AM-10PM, 7 days a week, depending on our fastest available delivery schedule), so you don't lose your opportunity to enjoy your next cup of coffee or sales opportunity. Free Delivery and Collection (2 Ways) for CREMA Superautomatic machine. 

Drop us an email with your contact number at or Whatsapp us at +65 8550 8143 to find out more about our rental plans so we can see how we can best offer the best coffee machine rental package for you.

Rent the CREMA Superautomatic (One touch button to brew)

Rent the CREMA Superautomatic coffee machine with built in grinder and milk fridge for your food establishment, office or home studio all for a fee of $1/Month.

Condition: Purchase a set quantity of our coffee beans depending on grade chosen. We offer 3 grades of coffee for superautomatic machines and a wide variety in each grade of coffee.

Rent a Semi-automatic Espresso machine & Coffee Grinder

Lelit MaraX PL62X - $200/Month
Lelit Bianca 162T - $300/Month
DF64 Coffee Grinder - $50/Month

+$50 (1 Way) or +$80 (2 Ways) charge for Delivery, Installation and Collection 

+$60 Barista Class (1 Hour) during delivery by our Head Barista who has 7 years experience in the coffee industry

Barista Class covers the following
1) How to calibrate and brew the perfect espresso
2) 5 Coffee Extraction Factors
3) Basic Coffee Knowledge
4) How to froth/microfoam milk to super silky and rich
5) How to pour Latte Art

Let us know the number of months you plan on renting for, we can see how we can best recommend the best package for yourself.