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Cowpresso Coffee Roasters X Wholesale

A home-grown Singaporean coffee roastery, and the Official Singapore Authorised Distributor of many world renowned industry brands: Lelit, Sanremo, Macap, DF64, Huskee, and Subminimal

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Wholesale Coffee Roaster Singapore

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters:

☑ Locally Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

☑ Commercial Espresso Machines
☑ Commercial Coffee Grinders
☑ Warranty and Repair

Some of our recent Espresso Machine Setups:


Why Partner with us?

1) Quality and Price - of beans and of equipment.

2) Service - we provide FREE calibration, FREE barista training, FREE delivery and installation at your coffee bar. 

3) Expertise - depending on your ideal coffee and price point, we offer all qualities and origins to all range of clientele, from commercial grade to Specialty microlot coffee, according to your independent coffee shop / hotel / restaurant / cafe needs.

4) Value - we lend our partners a FREE coffee machine and grinder if your coffee bean usage is large. Schedule a discussion to find out more.

5) Warranty and Repair - we are the Official Singapore Distributor for many brands. All faulty machines will be repaired by our in-house technician. Additionally, partners are provided a FREE coffee machine and grinder in this event to ensure your business runs smoothly.

for wholesale enquiry and enjoy all post-sales benefits from us.

Drink a cuppa and stay MOOtivated.
We look forward to working with you.