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We feel we’re doing something very special at Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore and we want you in with to share our coffee and joy in Singapore and around the globe. We love working with new people, businesses, and communities and would be excited to start a friendship. If you would like to bring Cowpresso Coffee into your home, office, business, cafe, gym, or studio, please contact us! We would love to work with you.

We are keen to cater and hear your needs and embark on our coffee partnership together, be for your roasted coffee, green coffee, gear and special needs.

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The Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore team will treat you like royalty with superior coffee bean quality crafted to your liking with FREE calibration and maintenance services for your home, business, cafe, yoga studio, gym or castle at prices other owners will envy.


Coffee, be it Specialty or not, must be Delicious, Fresh and Sustainable. We believe in making this possible for EVERY partner out there, for EVERY customer to enjoy. Coffee will be easy to understand with our team. This is because our team is filled with talented and knowledgeable coffee masters all willing to give our best in order to fulfill our goal, to raise the bar high and set a quality coffee experience at your business. 


We don't believe in the status quo, where coffee should taste just ok, we believe that coffees should come with a special OOMPH when you taste it and believe our coffees do. Why? Because we take intentional and passionate detail to improve each and every step from bean to cup. This means sourcing the most freshest crop (Green coffee beans harvested the current year and not past years), storing the greens in air conditioning warehouses to stay fresh longer, roasting each and every batch of coffee to the precise heat profile (Every new Blend/Single Origin is first studied by our team and then after numerous roasts, given a special heat profile to follow each roast to bring out the best flavor. This is called Data logging.), delivering to you coffee only roasted to order (This means if you are a business, you will receive coffee within 72hours from roast and not coffee roasted weeks-ago, we will never retail you coffee that is not roasted to order, that is how much we value freshness and your coffee experience.


The support of our team through our Gourmet Roasted Coffees, Workshops, Training, Coffee Machines & Personality makes us the right company to work with. We understand your objectives well and we promise to solve all your coffee problems so that you have one less worry to achieve success in running your business! Make an appointment with us and you'll understand why. You'll taste our coffees & our service. Looking forward to work with you!