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Our Story

Best reviewed Singapore Specialty Roaster delivering freshly roasted to order coffee to your doorstep and mailbox. Shop online or contact us for Wholesale rates for your office, cafe, food business or coffee cart gig.

Our Roastery 

In Singapore 2017, a group of passion led artisans; an over-caffeinated barista, ardent coffee roaster and burgeoning photojournalist - sought to build Cowpresso. A Community-centered roastery ready to present the freshest roast of Specialty Coffee beans sourced around the world. With the collective passion and goal to represent specialty coffee, we professed to using only high quality green coffee and freshly roasting beans that will be delivered to your doorstep with you knowing the roast date with Free Singapore Shipping.

At Cowpresso, it is our Primary Aim to make specialty coffee Approachable, Affordable and Sustainable for everyone, all the way from the farmer, green coffee trader, roaster and the consumer. We love coffee and we know every palate is designed uniquely different. As a mark of pride in our roasts and mission to provide you the best coffee experience, we'll be in touch with any enquiries! Don't be shy! Recommendations and coffee enthusiast talk are all welcomed. Boy, we love coffee, and this is why we value your coffee experience.

A family of craftsmen, we bring our expertise to this task as artisan roasters seeking for you to brew the Perfect coffee. Recognition goes out to our warm happy regulars and establishments who have led us to where we are now, expanding into more technical areas to always develop better coffee and relationships. Precise and clear-cut cuppings and research is constantly our priority in order to push ourselves to bring your coffee experience to another horizon.

Best reviewed Singapore Specialty Roaster delivering freshly roasted to order coffee to your doorstep and mailbox. Shop online or contact us for Wholesale rates for your office, cafe, food business or coffee cart gig.

Our Coffees

We source great Specialty Grade Arabica beans which boasts an exclusive personality and flavour profile. We also hold several Organic & Fairtrade coffees! Be it a fruity and crisp; chocolatey and buttery; spice-y and floral cup of joe, we got you covered with our customized blends or single origins. We treasure your coffee journey and seek to always put first-hand our experience together no matter your position, home barista, roaster, office, cafe or small business. 

Goal and Drive? To create the best coffee experience you can have. We believe that passion can make the world a better place, and we're here to share ours. We just happen to roast great coffee. Bantering around a roast with a good cup of coffee is a joy for us and for your hustle too. After all, brew a cup and Stay Mootivated.


Our Partners

We love good espresso and we want you to enjoy it too! Being the Leading Authorised Distributor in Singapore with Lelit Italy Espresso, we would be experienced to suit you up with the perfect Espresso machine matched to your palate and budget!

Priding well with a family-run operation like Lelit, search no longer. Start brewing quality coffee at the fraction of the price & learn a skill! We hold Free recommendations with our Coffee Specialists, Installation Classes, Delivery, Barista Classes and not to mention fantastic after-service assistance. Our Friendly & Experienced roasters & baristas would be more than happy to give you their full attention with NO Obligations! Drop us an email today and Stay Mootivated!



We make it a point to build a business that not only strives to serve the best coffee to the community, but a sustainable one.

Majority of our coffee is Fair-Trade Certified and our specialty grade coffee is traceable from farmers or groups that put money back into the community. This ensures that every farmer is paid fairly for their hard work unlike bigger cooperations taking advantage of green coffee farmers.

Our specialty nespresso pods we produce are TUV Certified compostable and biodegradable, leading to lesser waste in the environment compared to a typical metal capsule pod.

We partner up with similar minded sustainable companies such as Huskee which up-cycles coffee husks into Huskee cups. We are the Official distributor and ambassador for Huskee in Singapore. Huskee cups can be returned to us and back to the Huskee factories to be repurposed into another life of Huskee products!