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How to choose your espresso machine?


What is the right machine for me? Well there are some considerations you have to take into account.

1) Coffee Quality :How good you want your coffee to taste 

2) Features :Do you want to steam milk straight simultaneously while or after pulling the shot or wait 20-30 seconds to change to steam mode (Single boilers)?

3) Price :How much do you want to pay upfront? When comparing lower end and higher end machines, the price per year is about the same considering higher end machines are built to last 10-30 years while lower end machines, several years. 

Drop us an email to speak to one of our professionals to recommend you an espresso machine based on your needs and wants or a free demo (Until COVID19 situation closes).

How to choose your espresso machine singapore
Choosing your first espresso machine
What is the best espresso machine for meStill can't decide? We know how it feels! Drop us an email at so we can better explain over the phone, whatsapp or email which machine is best for you! Cheers!