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How to descale my Lelit MaraX or Bianca?

If you:

  • haven't used your E61 machine in months and left the water inside
  • haven't descaled your machine in years
  • live/lived in a country with hard water
  • not used a filter or filtered water for years
  • used distilled water and not remineralised your water
  • bought your machine second hand
  • are just not sure

please send it in to your servicing centre for descaling and checking of your other machine components.

Organic Descaling products:

1) Descaling sachet 

2) Descaling solution

3) Descaling Capsules for Original Nespresso Capsule Machines 

Before descaling

1) Remove any filter in your water tank

2) Drain as much water as you can by purging the hot water & steam wand. Unless you have a valve that releases water from your brew boiler, you can only pump new water in which mixes with the old water and will be unable to purge fully.

Advice on descaling

1) Follow the instructions for dilution and amount of time for leaving in the boiler on your descaling solution

2) Pump the water to your boiler until you see soapy water coming out of the brew head. Turn on the hot water tap to let some of the solution through to the other components until you see soapy water as well.

3) Leave in the boiler for 30 mins (or otherwise instructed by your descaling solution instructions

4) Drain water through brew tap. Water may be blue.

5) Drain water through hot water wand. Purge steam wand.

6) Alternate back to brew tap

7) Alternate back to hot water wand

8) Repeat steps 4) to 7) with 5 water tanks. Allow your pump, especially the vibration pump to rest in between pulls of the brew tap. Water should be cleared up by then and have no more soapy residue.

9) If water is not clear, you smell descaling solution, or the water tastes funny, continue flushing with more water tanks.

10) If you have an extra silicon hose at home which seals tightly when connected to your steam wand, you can turn the machine upside down to release the hot water through the steam wand. 

**Please note that instructions may vary based on your solution used**


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