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Cafetto Organic Descaling Liquid (1L)
Cafetto Organic Descaling Liquid (1L)

Cafetto Organic Descaling Liquid (1L)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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New and improved formula!

A safe and effective liquid descaler for removing hard water scale from espresso machine boilers, coffee and milk delivery lines. Organic and NSF Certified. Suitable for consumer use. If you have very bad calcium scale build-up and damage, we recommend sending it in for our de-scale process. We use commercial grade de-scaler and specialized equipment to remove scale.

Store in a cool, dry and dark environment. As long as it maintains its light, semi-transparent colour, it can be used without any drop in performance. 

Instructions on bottle
  1. Ensure the white cap is tightly sealed and slightly loosen the green cap. Gently squeeze the bottle until reservoir measures 100ml, remove the green cap and pour from reservoir.
  2. Add 500ml cold water to prepare descaling solution.
  3. Follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions to De-calcify, de-lime or descale the machine.
  4. Always rinse the machine at least twice with fresh water after de-calcifying, and before re-filling and reusing the machine.

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