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Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams)
Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams)
Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams) - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |
Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams)
Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams)

Geisha Colombia Las Nubes (250Grams)

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Colombia, Camilo Merizalde, Las Nubes, Valle de Cauca Geisha


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Be one of the FORTUNATE FEW to try this romantic coffee, suitable as gifts & special occasions for your loved ones! Tip: It tastes sweeter as it cools! Don’t drink it hot!

WHAT is GEISHA?: Click here to read more

We recommend brewing it on the Clever cup for maximum fruitiness!

Exclusive Single Origin: Colombia Las Nubes Valle de Cauca Geisha

Variety: Geisha

Elevation: 1,900-2,100m

Processing: Natural

Roast profile: Light/Medium Roast

Flavour: Lychee, Strawberry, Blueberry, Tropical fruit, Floral and Lemons

Acidity: Medium High

Body: Medium, Smooth

Farm Information
Dedicated owner of this farm is Camilo Merizalde whereby he takes pride and delicate measures to ensure his Central American geishas provide a full tropical and tea-like experience. His farm is located in the Santiago de Cali, Valle de Cauca region and we feel so far that this is the best Geisha outside Panama that provides the most interesting taste profile. 

Colombian Geishas usually are fuller bodied and sweeter than Panama Geisha. Lychee, Tropical fruits and complex tea-like aromas with a finishing sweet acidity. No doubt a Panama Geisha would be one to be enjoyed whereas Camilo's Colombian Geisha is one to surprise any cupping table or filter coffee as a fine competitor of a worthy Geisha. 

Tasting Experience
As a Pour over, this cup is to be remembered for life. Straight on fruitiness, lychee, sweet grapes and a balanced citrus acidity. Nothing more needs to be said.. this cup is full of joy and contentment and a well spent treat. We'll bet it'll either be the sweetest or second sweetest cup of coffee you'll ever tasted. Performed best on the filter.

As an Espresso, this shot is to be remembered for life. The aromas of lychee and sweet grapes perfumes off the silky golden crema as this bomb of fruity liquid gold silvers around your palate and down your throat in joy. Sweet, Citrus and Memorable. Nothing more needs to be said! A Premium Cup above the rest and suited as a Sweet Superior treat for your loved ones.

250Gram / 10 Drip Bags: Premium White Matte Block Bottom Pouches with One-way valve & Easy-Tear Resealable Zipper. Heat Sealed for extended freshness.

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