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Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)
Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)
Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)
Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)
Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)
Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)

Colombia Agua Linda (Roaster's Special)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Roaster's Special. While Stocks last, will be finished in April

Region: Santa Barbara
Variety: Colombia & Castillo

Elevation: 1,850 meters above sea level

Type of Soil: Volcanic soil 

Processing: Fully washed. 

Wet Mill: La Joyeria

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Tasting notes: Chocolate Praline, Plum, Nectarine

Moisture Level: 12%

Acidity: Crisp

Body: Medium

Tasting Experience
Feel like a kid at the candy store holding a chocolate coated plum. A sweet aroma emerges before the crust is broken, complimenting the nutty and sweet which pourover brewers will love

For espresso drinkers, dial up the brewing temperature and try it black & iced! Milk-based espresso drinkers will savour whiffs of plum & nectarine between ships.

2 Day Fermentation

Coffee cherries are hand-picked and sent to the highest part of the road and sent to the wet mill for processing. Each fermentation lot has 2 different days of picking. Coffee picked on Day 2 is added to Day 1 after 24 hours fermentation, and the mixture is left to ferment in the tanks for a further 24 hours. In this 2 step fermentation, the second batch raises the PH level of the fermentation tank, allowing longer fermentation times without the acetic acid produced by bacteria at a lower PH level.

After being fully washed, the coffee is dried in silos (towers to dry food), and warm air from Cauca River Valley is circulated throughout the coffee to provide even driving

Farm Information
One of 5 sister farms which form the Santa Barbara Estate, Agua Linda is located at the highest elevation surrounded by creeks and production is separated from the other farms, though they share the same wet mill. A family business that started in the 20th century, Pedro the father started acquiring Santa Barbara land for the microclimates at high altitudes with outstanding volcanic soil. Pedro the son has also joined the family business and experiments with coffee processing.

The farm employees 60 full-time workers, and has a new dormitory for the 1200 seasonal pickers who work during the main harvest, interestingly made up of farmers from around the Estate who pick coffee to supplement their income. The farm has been around for so long that the main hall is 150 years old, and they keep their employees happy by assisting in education and  accomodation.

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