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Cowpresso Cupping Bowl

Coffee Ceramic Cowpresso Cupping BowlMade of 100% Hard Ceramic and is baked at 2,200º F (For Toughness).

100% Safe, Food Grade and Chemical Free
BPA free, Metal free, Allergen free, Toxin-free, Chemical free and No-nonsense plastic certification. Stay away from Plastic Cupping Bowls for health-reasons. Problem with plastic? They may be Food grade certified, but once their plastic lining layer is scratched or wears off over usage, plastic toxins and chemicals will leak into your hot cup of coffee. These tiny micro-scratches and crevices that develop over time is a great spot for bacteria to cultivate. 

100% Dishwasher safe and does not hold on to any off-odours or scents.

Cowpresso Cupping Bowls are priced at $12/Bowl and $8.625/Bowl with a Set of 8 (Comes with Next Day Delivery after roast date too!). 

Each Cupping bowl weighs approximately 210 Grams. We promise you the feeling of quality once you place this bowl in your hands. Flimsy light cupping bowls have a cheap feeling and easily topple over with accidental slides or knocks. The Cupping Bowl is also finished off with a smooth glossy glaze that gives a premium touch.

The rims of the Cupping Bowl is designed to be thick, allowing you to move your cupping bowls around without burning your delicate fingers for a decent amount of time. The Cupping Bowls can also be stacked onto each other for storage easily.

Each Cupping Bowl have a 150ml and 200ml mark inside the bowl, giving you the choice to cup with 9 or 12 grams of coffee. The recommended amount of hot water to use is 9 Grams for 150ml and 12 Grams for 200ml of Hot water. These markings allow you to pour your hot water fast without use of a scale. 

58mm (Base length) x 96mm (Opening Length) x 61mm (Height)