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Essential Cleaning Kit

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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The Essential Cleaning Kit contains:
1) Caffetto Espresso Machine Cleaner (1KG)
2) Cafetto Organic Descaling Liquid (1L)
3) Puly Caff Detergent (10 Sachets)
4) Puly Caff Grind (10 Sachets)
5) Puly Milk Steam Wand Cleaner (5 x 25ml bottles)

Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaner cleans your Espresso Machine thoroughly

Cafetto Organic Descaling Liquid cleans calcium buildup in your water tank. Prevent calcium built up with water softeners.

Puly Grind cleans your grinder burrs. Use it especially after using dark roast beans or oily beans.

Puly Caff Detergent cleans your portafilter, filter baskets and grouphead by backflushing with a 57mm or 58mm blind filter or rubber backflush disc.

Puly Milk Steam Wand Cleaner cleans your milk wand by targetting the  stubborn milk fat residues.

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