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Complete Barista Class Package - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |
Foundational Barista Class
Foundational Barista Class
Complete Barista Class Package - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |
Complete Barista Class Package - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |

Foundational Barista Class

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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If you're unable to find a suitable date to attend, drop us a whatsapp and we'll try to fit you in Monday-Friday 9-6pm or the weekend. Cheers!

How to Sign Up?

Please sign up using the calendar above which may take some time to load if your internet is slow.

If unable to book, drop us an email at or whatsapp +6585508143 with the number of pax and date!

Course Objective

On completion of the barista course, the learner will be able to carry out the required tasks by a Professional Barista with competency in using the knowledge and skills acquired to explain Specialty coffee beverages, professionally prepare and serve barista quality Specialty coffee with Latte Art.

Learning Outcomes

  • Coffee Blends, Single Origins, and Roast Intensities
  • Coffee extraction with the variables of temperature, time, grind size, coffee-water ratio and agitation
  • How to evaluate a coffee professionally via industry standard with qualities such as aroma, fragrance, acidity, flavour and body through the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) cupping form
  • Grind and brew specialty coffee through the espresso machine with the Specialty method of scales, time, barista industry tips and tricks and techniques such as the Salami technique
  • Learn the fundamentals of milk frothing for flat-white, latte and cappuccino
  • Introduction to Basic Latte art techniques
  • Introduction to V60 Pour-over Brewing

Course Methodology

  • First hand in-depth industry knowledge of basic concepts and theories about Specialty/barista coffee
  • Hands-on practical activities with an Espresso machine's steam wand, portafilter, brew head, and hot water wand. Demonstrations and practical performance of brewing espresso, fundamentals of steaming milk and basic latte art techniques

Who Should Attend?

All food and service personnel who are responsible for preparing barista coffee, anyone who has the passion to upgrade and work in the Food and Beverage industry, interested hobbyists and passionate home-to-be baristas! Suitable for Beginner-Advanced level brewers. Lesson will be tailor-made based on your needs, be it for those who are setting up their new cafe to those who are getting their first espresso machine. Avoid paying overpriced bad coffee at cafes and make professional specialty barista coffee in the comfort of your home today!

Why Us

Our team consists of professional baristas, roasters and enthusiastic coffee technicians! Learning to brew Specialty Coffee is a fun, enjoyable and meaningful process. Our team is dedicated to helping participants master the art of brewing with the right coffee beans, equipment, skills, teaching and knowledge. You will procure the pragmatic hard skills needed to brew delicious coffees for yourself and your loved ones. Drop us an email at with no obligations! We are happy to guide you along your coffee journey.

Health & Safety

All participants' health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Close supervision is ensured. Heavy tools are used; you may want to wear safety / covered shoes for this workshop experience. If you show symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, or cough, please notify us and do not attend the lesson.

Terms and Conditions

A refund of 50% of the workshop fee will be issued for all the cancellations made in writing and received less than 14 days before the workshop date.

No refunds or credits will be issued for No Shows on the day of the workshop.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop activity in the event beyond control such as illness, venue availability, or bad weather. If we cancel the session, a refund will be issued within 14-days of notice.

There is an inherent safety risk involved in any workshop session. By registering for this course, Cowpresso and its employees disclaims all responsibility for any loss, injury or damage that happened during the event.


2 Hours. This course can be carried out at our Cafe. 

If you wish, a group class can be conducted at your Cafe, Home, Office or Desired location with an attractive fee of +$100, a small fee to cover transport, time and packing costs. Please note that these includes one grouphead espresso machines only and not commercial grouphead machines.

Course Fee

NETT Price. Full Course fee $200/pax. Bring a friend along and the second Pax will cost only $175 extra. (At least 1, Maximum 4 Participants for your own benefit)

Full cream milk, Cowpresso Specialty Espresso Coffee Blend, Equipment, Time & Labour for the lesson will be covered.

Book an appointment here with us or call us :')


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