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5 Secrets to Hand Coffee Grinders


to Hand Coffee Grinders

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Specialty Coffee, the beverage that's so romantic and sexy in it's preparation process and consumption. What's better? It tastes superb and gives you that much needed sweet kick in the mornings and wee hours of the day. Sick of stale, sour coffee? Possessing the hand grinder empowers you to brew the freshest grounded coffee on the go and on the joe!

Relishing in a unique tasting and flavorful coffee no longer needs to be scooped out of horrible rancid instant jars or nasty capsule squirting machines ever again.. Quality roasted coffee beans can be freshly grounded on the spot,anytime, anywhere. Brewed to perfection with your favourite Single Origin and brewing device. Not only will you be drinking the best freshly grounded coffee in the comforts of your home, workplace and leisure trips, you'll look sensationally sexy and cool grinding your coffee beans to brew your perfect joe.

1. Quality Hand Grinders will last till Doomsday 

Functioning as a manual device, less technical parts and gears are present. This drastically reduces the wear and tear of the tool and the chances of worn electrical or broken parts. You don't even need to worry about replacing a worn out steel burr as often compared to espresso grinders as quality hand grinders hone a durable ceramic burr, lasting a long time with proper usage. 
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2. Value

It's a win-win-win situation. Automatic electric grinders don't come cheap ranging from $100 to $2000. Well, you can't beat the convenience and consistency of them, but you definitely can beat value with that price-point. Afterall, who owns a portable electrical circuit to power up their electrical grinders? With your $50 quality investment - Check out our Cowpresso Hand Burr here solely made on the core built, burr and handlebar, nothing is spent on the convenience of a costly motor, granting you consistent grind size results paired with an inch of muscle. Being superior than the low end cheap plastic burrs and blade electric grinders, you'll be able to enjoy the nuances in your respected flavourful coffees even more due to even grind sizes. If you wish to partake in the latter, be prepared to be glad with the temporary high of your cheap purchase and eventual bitterness with the uneven grind sizes of your sour coffee brewed.


You can now happily tick this essential off your bucketlist! Not only will you be able to satisfy that craving everyone has to slurp a joe at that awkward moment in the office or leisure hour, vagabonders out there will be more than delighted to hear that they'll be able to enjoy freshly grounded coffee on their plane, hotel or camping trip right beside their haversack. What's even better? Making your own coffee on the go will not only be fresher and flavour-gasmer butcheaper than your instant and bottled coffee.

4. Brew with any device

Every electric grinder was built for a specific unique purpose in life. Some were meant to grind fine espresso grinds, some were meant to grind fine-medium filter grinds while others were meant to grind medium-coarse cold brew grinds. Even though certain electrical grinders are marketed capable to grind from fine to coarse, they actually perform best within a certain grind range. For instance, Espresso grinders harbour a stepless micrometric adjustment knob; making it deemed fit for the fine-tuning and grinding of very fine grind sizes. With a quality manual grinder, you'll be able to adjust the burrs quickly from an espresso(very fine) to cold drip(coarse) grind within seconds for any brewing device on the go. Though we highly recommend a good electrical grinder for usage on an espresso machine. 

5. Fun

Not only will colleagues, family and friends be enticed with your provocative nature and chic practices, you'll be able to enjoy your coffee more! It has been proven that the more hands on and involved we are with a certain activity, the more we will be able to enjoy the process (preparation of brewing) and eventual product (coffee). And guess what? It's even sweeter when your partner, friend or family member realizes the effort you'd made to brew her/him that fresh cup of joe. Who knows? You might even discover a deep hidden heartstruck passion for coffee. Keep your MOO juice going and why not check out the Cowpresso Hand Burr or GRAB a freshly roasted parcel of coffee TODAY!

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