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ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder
ZF64W Coffee Grinder

ZF64W Coffee Grinder

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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1. Pricing Value for money. Its single dose competition is the Mahlkonig GBW, at around 4100sgdThis grinder is more than 65% OFF.
2. ZF54W Scale Technology Trade-secret ZF scale technology. Ability to grind by weight (by plugging in scale) and grind by time (by plugging out scale)
3. Built-in Temperature Sensor Probe Ability to measure temperature inside of the grinder, to prompt user to stop grinding above 40°C, in order to retain coffee aromas.
4. Built-in Humidity Sensor Probe Ability to measure humidity throughout the day, useful for baristas to understand espresso flow rate and calibrate recipe accordingly.
5. Built-in Cooling Fan Ability to cool down the internal temperature of the grinder, provide lower heat, in order to bulk grind and retain coffee aromas.
6. Programmability Ability to program a single / double dose by weight / time. Manual dosing for purging is available too.
7. Flat Burrs Fitted with 64mm, titanium-coated italmill flat burrs made in Italy for durability. Grinding capacity is 7 to 15 kg per hour.
8. Range Ability to grind a range of consistent espresso, filter and coarse grind.
9. Modifications Option to level up and upgrade your flat burrs to SSP Flat Burrs.

Technical Information:

Package Dimensions: 50L x 25W x 44H cm
Package Weight 15.5KG
ZF64W Dimensions: 26L x 16W x 54H cm
ZF64W Weight: 13.5KG

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