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Weekly Surprise Plan (24 Parcels)

Weekly Surprise Plan (24 Parcels)


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This Package delivers 

  • One 250Gram Surprise Coffee Parcel weekly for 6 Months (Total 24 Parcels)
  • Surprise Coffees includes $15-25 Coffees from our Current offerings. You pay only $17/Parcel nevertheless & FREE Singapore Shipping is on us
  • Choose your Grind size: Wholebeans, Pourover (Medium grind), Cold Brew (Coarse grind), or 10 Drip Bags
  • Let us know your brewing method in the notes at cart page if you cannot find your grind size  (Espresso Grind (also for our Nespresso Capsules), Moka Grind, Aeropress Grind, French Press Grind) We highly recommend you purchase your own grinder as the beans stay fresher for longer as you can grind on demand.
  • Purchase option available for multiple cycles and months. 
  • Note for international orders, total number of parcels in the chosen subscription will be sent in one delivery.
  • Not valid with any discount codes
Gentle note, since the plan is heavily discounted for your benefit:
  • we can help you switch between whole beans/grinds/drip bags before the next cut-off timing for next shipping for your parcel. We understand that grinders spoil and sometimes you just want to have drip bags, but please don't switch it up every week.
  • we will not accept special requests to pause or delay deliveries
  • This plan is not curated and coffee is chosen at random every week (you may receive the same parcel). We cannot accept any special requests. If you prefer a curated plan, try or sign up for a subscription account where you can manage your next coffee order and frequency.
  • Decaf will not be included in the selection, because everyone wants caffeine!


  • The FREE shipping method is for customers who do not need a tracking number, do not need their coffee urgently and do not mind a long delivery (Singpost takes 1-5+ working days to deliver) in return for free shipping.
  • Doorstep shipping method with tracking code option is available for all deliveries. ($2.9/parcel for Next day delivery after ship date)

Thank you for your support and kind understanding!