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Unbleached Coffee Filters (100 Pieces) - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Specialty Coffee Bean Online Subscription Freshly Delivered

Unbleached Coffee Filters (100 Pieces)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Unbleached Coffee Filters (100 Pieces)

Safe & Convenient to use Filters to brew your favourite freshly grounded cup of beans. Micro-sized pores are consistent to provide even flow of water for your consistent cups of delicious coffees! Does not hone or influence a Bleached Papery flavour. Natural filters is the way to brew for the most natural cup of coffee without any funky flavours from bleach or other chemicals.


1)Unbleached, non-toxic and odourless
2)Size: Suitable up to 4 Cups
3)Resistant to Heat up to 200 Celsius
4)High quality even sized micro pores to provide consistent flow of coffee throughout the filter without causing channeling and extraction problems
5)Filter is relatively tall to prevent grounds from overfilling and overflowing