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Uganda Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags
Uganda Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags
Uganda Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

Uganda Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

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Uganda Bugisu Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags 

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Region: Uganda Bugisu 

Variety: SL 14 , SL 28

Elevation: 1,400 - 2,200m

Processing: Fully Washed

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Flavour notes: Orange Zest. Sweet Oranges. Woodsy. Black Tea. Green Grapes

Acidity: Winey

Body: Smooth

Tasting experience
As a Pour over, this cup is to be remembered. Straight on fruitiness, oranges, sweet grapes, hint of woodsiness & a balanced citrus acidity. Sweet juicy grapes with a dash of Port red wine as a finish would be an accurate way to describe this coffee. 

As an Espresso, this shot is outstandingly similar to a Port wine. The aromas of orange zest and sweet grapes perfumes off its crema as a subtle warming smell and hint of woodsiness seals the overall flavour perception and experience like a warm body. Sweet grapes, Citrus, Woodsy and Memorable. Great as a winey finish.

Farm Information
Area on the slopes of Mt Elgon in the Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda. Enriched in the soils of high altitude & rich rainfall, this lot is spoilt for resources and room for growth. Resourcefulness & quality of the plant is now up to the farmer's decision to process it through natural or wet processed means. Rich soil & vanguard longitudinal growth of crops with intercropping vegetation helps with the balance in the environment and nutritional balance, leading to an overall more nutritious & delicious coffee as no element of malnutrition in a certain area of bean and flavour development is restricted.

Moisture content of Green Coffee: 10.6%

Matte Smooth Outer Drip Bag Packaging. Food safe-Aluminium Inner layer coating. Nitrogen flushed and heat sealed for extended freshness of your freshly roasted coffee drip bag. 

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