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Uganda Bugisu Washed 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)
Uganda Bugisu Washed 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)
Uganda Bugisu Washed 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)

Uganda Bugisu Washed 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Please note this is Green Unroasted Coffee beans, not Roasted Coffee. 

Contact us for Wholesale rates, we are keen on aiding the Home Roaster's/Small Roasting Business Community! We hold more than 30 other Single Origin/Blends Green Coffee Beans in our Roasting lab as well, let us know if you are keen.

Region: Uganda Bugisu 

Variety: SL 14 , SL 28

Elevation: 1,400 - 2,200m

Processing: Fully washed

Recommended roast profile: Medium / Medium-Dark

Flavour notes: Black dates. Nuts. Honeycomb. Citrus zest.

Acidity: Green grapes

Body: Medium 

Tasting experience
As an Espresso, this shot is outstandingly similar to a Port wine. The aromas of orange zest and sweet grapes perfumes off its crema as a subtle warming smell and hint of woodsiness seals the overall flavour perception and experience like a warm body. Sweet grapes, Citrus, Woodsy and Memorable. Great as a winey finish. As it cools, the flavour mellows out to chocolate and a pronounced taste of Figs.

Roasting experience: It’s a challenging beans to be roasted, gentle energy required after first crack especially

Moisture content of Green Coffee: 10.6%

Premium White Matte Block Bottom Pouches with One-way valve & Easy-Tear Resealable Zipper. Heat Sealed for extended freshness of your Freshly roasted coffee beans.

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