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Nanyang Kopi Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags
Nanyang Kopi Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags
Nanyang Kopi Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

Nanyang Kopi Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Nanyang Kopi Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags 

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Special Origin Blend: Seasonal Indonesia Mandheling and Seasonal Brazil

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Catimor

Elevation: 400m - 1,800m

Processing: Fully washed and Natural.

Roast profile: Dark Roast

Flavour: Buttery, Rich, Robust caramelised bread, Toasted marshmallows, Hint of chocolate and nuttiness

Acidity: Mild

Body: Full, syrupy

Tasting Experience
As a Pour over, roasty aroma is imminent, one is definitely in for a rich sumptious mouthfeel and gulp of toasted marshmallows. The buttery notes pairs it's way well with the light hint of macademia nuts and complimentary mild acidity. Compulsory to-go coffee for traditional kopi-lovers who want their usual coffee more complex and sweeter in nuances with no sugar/margarine/maize added.

As an Espresso, the crema is one to be boasted of. A smooth dark rich crema paired with it's complex roasty and buttery notes works well for a canvas for latte art and a good start for the hustling day ahead. Full, syrupy body is one to be reckoned for heavy coffee lovers. What you're getting is great quality Nanyang Coffee done right, with no fillers or pretense. 

Similar to a French Roast, but more Fragrant and Mouth-Watering with our Trade-regarded Nanyang Roasting techniques.

Note for Grind Options, Irregularity of grind sizes will be a natural phenomenon compared to lighter roasted coffee beans! As darker roasted coffee beans have more fragile structures, they break into a variety of grind sizes in the grinder. So fret not an enjoy your Sinfully Strong Sweet Kopi!

For this dark roast, coffee oils will rise to the surface of the coffee bean overtime , if you use this roast often and use it after a long period of time from roast date, do ensure to use Puly Grind to clean your coffee grinder regularly to prevent your grinder from clogging and keep your coffee grinds tasting fresh!

Premium White Matte Block Bottom Pouches with One-way valve & Easy-Tear Resealable Zipper. Heat Sealed for extended freshness.

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