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Lelit / Safety Mark UK 3 Pin cable
Lelit / Safety Mark UK 3 Pin cable

Lelit / Safety Mark UK 3 Pin cable

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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This cable fits all Lelit coffee machines & coffee grinders except models where the wire is fused into the sockets. 

All Lelit machines arrive inbox with the standard Euro 2 Pin Plugs which we do not recommend as the earthing lead is not continued to the wall socket.

MC269UK (Power Cord with UK IEC PLug 1.5MT) is distributed and tested by Lelit Italy. Warranty does not cover for other brands of cables used. For international use, we recommend using this plug if you are using your espresso machine for UK Electrical power sockets as the earthing is secure.

All purchases from a Singapore address will receive a Safety Mark 3 Pin Plug, not MC269UK, which does not meet local regulations for sale by us. Warranty does not cover for other brands of cable used. Plug is rated suitable for all our Grinders and Espresso Machines except Lelit Guilietta.  Please do not attempt using a lower rated plug than your device needs as your machine will not work properly, and may cause damage to your machine or yourself.

For other Espresso Machines, please check your local warranty and that the device power rating is at 1500W or below before purchasing. We will not be liable for any damages and are not responsible for machines not sold by us.

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