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Intimate Coffee Workshops

Intimate Coffee Workshops

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Looking for a private coffee workshop with your family and closed friends to celebrate an occasion or just spend some quality time with each other?

Learning Session Suitable for:

  • Hen / Bachelors / Stag Parties
  • BFF, Couple, Family Bonding
  • Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations
  • Client Appreciation
  • Team & Community Bonding

Do I need prior experience?

Nope! We welcome people from all knowledge levels, from people who are just tagging along with their loved one with no prior knowledge or people who have obsessed over the smallest details to come together to explore and enjoy coffee!

Structured Learning through demonstrations &/or games

Does your group thrive on friendly competition or games? We can work this out to build teambuilding. Perhaps you're exhausted from the hectic day to day and would prefer a chill session while learning on the go?

Coffee Workshop Programme Outline:​

  • Building the theoretical foundation of your Coffee Knowledge
  • Applying your knowledge with hands-on Espresso, Milk Frothing, Basic Latte Art

Why Us?

Our team consists of professional baristas, roasters and enthusiastic coffee technicians! Learning to brew Specialty Coffee is a fun, enjoyable and meaningful process. Our team is dedicated to helping participants master the art of brewing with the right coffee beans, equipment, skills, teaching and knowledge. You will procure the pragmatic hard skills needed to brew delicious coffees for yourself and your loved ones. Drop us an email at with no obligations! We are happy to guide you along your coffee journey.

Duration: Estimated 2 (2-3 people) to 2.5 hours (4-7+ people)

Class Size: Recommended 3 to 7 pax

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