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Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)
Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)
Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)
Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)
Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)
Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)

Guatemala El Bosque (Seasonal Special)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Limited bags of El Bosque Origin! 

Region: Villa Canales, Aldea Loma Larga Mountains, Guatemala
Variety: Bourbon Heirloom, Bourbon, Caturra & Pache

Elevation: 1645m

Type of Soil: Fertilised with water and coffee pulp from mills processing

Processing: Fully washed & Sun Dried 

Wet Mill: Fermented

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Tasting notes: Cocoa Marzipan with Citrus Peel. Toasted Toffee Nut.

Acidity: Apple crisps

Body: Silky and Balanced

Moisture: 11.7%

Tasting Experience
Cocoa Marzipan complimented by toasted nuts and caramelized apple crisps. A pleasant coffee cup that can be enjoyed across all brewing types by coffee lovers of all appreciation levels!

Farm Information
Founded in 1932, the 14ha of farmland was planted with it's first Bourbon trees, before the second generation planted an additional 23ha of Bourbon trees.

Although these older Bourbon trees have lower productivity, their cherry quality is unrivaled and thankfully, some of these heirloom Bourbon trees have survived bouts of coffee rust attacks and have contributed to the Flores brothers (third generation farmers) annual harvest of almost 500 bags of coffee to specialty coffee roasters annually. That's a huge achievement for the brothers who were still selling cherries by the roadside in 2004.

A small operation, the farm employs 20-40 people to specially hand-pick, sort, bag the coffee cherries which are immediately pulped within a few hours at the wet mill down in the valley. The coffee is fermented and fully washed in clean water before being carefully monitored while drying, before being moved back to the mills to rest once optimal moisture levels are achieved.

Premium White Matte Block Bottom Pouches with One-way valve & Easy-Tear Resealable Zipper. Heat Sealed for extended freshness of your Freshly roasted coffee beans.

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