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Ethiopian Guji Shakiso
Ethiopian Guji Shakiso
Ethiopian Guji Shakiso

Ethiopian Guji Shakiso

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Region: Guji, Oromia 

Variety: Heirlooms 

Elevation: 1,750m - 1,950m ASL 

Processing: Washed, Sun Dried 

Roast profile: Light

Flavour notes: Citrus zest, Marmalade, Floral Sweet, Berries.
Acidity: Balanced 
Body: Medium 

Tasting experience 
As a Pour over, Sweet Floral and Marmalade notes takes the stage. Imagine sipping an indulgent, citrusy tea with balanced acidity and creamy body of a soursoup fruit. The Ethiopia Guji Shakiso finishes with a floral notes similar to our Yirgacheffe roasted coffee blend, as to be expected of an Ethiopian single origin. Clean, smooth and balanced; perfect for a relaxing Saturday afternoon.  

As an Espresso, floral notes gives way to a fruity tea experience. Sweet, citrusy notes takes  front and center with this brewing method with it's indulgent cranberry notes and mouthfeel. 

Farm Information 
The Ethiopian Guji Shakiso was developed with a remarkable level of care through every step of the process. Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, is full of natural coffee plantations and rich coffee heritage. This Ethiopian heirloom coffee was grown at an altitude of 1,750 - 1,950 meters in the coffee growing region of Guji, Oromia. Coffees of this particular notes have long been prized for their delicate tea-like aromatics and clean flavor. 

Originally sold as a type of Sidama coffee, Guji has now carved a market of it's own with its distinctive and unique tasting notes. The Ethiopian Guji Shakiso is sure to be a crowd favourite.  

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