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LELIT L58 / E61 Manometer Kit
LELIT L58 / E61 Manometer Kit

LELIT L58 / E61 Manometer Kit

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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LELIT PLA2400 E61 Grouphead Pump Pressure Gauge

Manometer for E61 groups with fixing pin, wrench, nuts, washers and o-rings. It should fit most E61 groupheads (BFC, ECM, Expobar, Faema, Rocket, Brasilia, Pavoni, Rocket) but we cannot confirm that it is compatible with your model as the angle on some will prevent fitting.

Compatible models we are aware of: 
LELIT Mara, MaraS, MaraX, Bianca, Giuletta, ROCKET Appartmento 

You should have your own M6 Allen key to remove the M6 allen key screw from your E61 grouphead.

LELIT Singapore Authorised Distributor Cowpresso Coffee Roasters PLA2400


1400181 – E61 Pressure Gauge Assembly Key
1600070 – E61 Group Pressure Gauge Fixing Pin
1600074 – Nut M10x1 for R61 Pressure Gauge
33001-PLA2400 – Label
7900124 – Instructions for Accessories PLA301S, PLA301M, PLA301L
7900168 – Instructions for Accessories PLA2400
8800032 – Small “PLA” Accessory Box (cardboard
8800044 – Internal Packing “D” Small PLA Box (cardboard)
9300022 – Knurled Washer X M12
9700044 – Pressure Gauge M6
CD368-2 – Clamp X Spring Reg CIP 1–/25 TRASP. 311541
GV218 – OR 102 Engine Drive System PKSB300 3.69×1.78 (usually red)
MC044 – OR 2025 Øi6,07 t1,78 Peroxide EPDM (usually black)

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