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E61 Manometer Kit
E61 Manometer Kit
E61 Manometer Kit

E61 Manometer Kit

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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LELIT PLA2400 E61 Grouphead Pump Pressure Gauge

Manometer for E61 groups with fixing pin, wrench, nuts, washers and o-rings.

LELIT Singapore Authorised Distributor Cowpresso Coffee Roasters PLA2400


1400181 – E61 Pressure Gauge Assembly Key
1600070 – E61 Group Pressure Gauge Fixing Pin
1600074 – Nut M10x1 for R61 Pressure Gauge
33001-PLA2400 – Label
7900124 – Instructions for Accessories PLA301S, PLA301M, PLA301L
7900168 – Instructions for Accessories PLA2400
8800032 – Small “PLA” Accessory Box (cardboard
8800044 – Internal Packing “D” Small PLA Box (cardboard)
9300022 – Knurled Washer X M12
9700044 – Pressure Gauge M6
CD368-2 – Clamp X Spring Reg CIP 1–/25 TRASP. 311541
GV218 – OR 102 Engine Drive System PKSB300 3.69×1.78 (usually red)
MC044 – OR 2025 Øi6,07 t1,78 Peroxide EPDM (usually black)