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Curated Coffee Plan (with premium shipping)

Curated Coffee Plan (with premium shipping)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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  • Enjoy a Single Origin or Blend sent to you every week
  • Perfect for coffee experimenters who want to experience different types of Arabica beans without the hassle of making a new order every time
  • Plan comes with Next-Working-Day-After-Roast shipping (we ship twice weekly) to ensure your packages are tracked and you get to enjoy each parcel before the next one comes
  • Let us know in the notes if you prefer:
    • 250 Gram Whole Beans
    • 250 Gram Grinds (state brewing method)
    • 10 drip bags
  • Choose from 1-12 months

  • Month 1 (4 parcels) Includes:
    • Monthly Roaster's Special
    • Monthly Roaster's Special 2
    • Golden Cup/Nanyang Kopi
    • Ethiopian Apex Trio
  • 2 Months: (Month 1 Selection above+ 4 parcels) include:
    • Yirgacheffe Misty Valley 
    • Brazil Santos
    • Monthly Roaster's Special
    • Monthly Roaster's Special 2
  • 3 Months: Month 1 + 2 + 1 with Month 3's roaster specials (12 Parcels)
  • 4 Months: Month 1 + 2 + 3 + 2 with Month 4's roaster specials (16 Parcels)
  • 5-12 Months (You get the idea from the above examples :) )

    Extra personalisation
  • Decaf has been removed from the list due to subscribers preferring caffeinated coffee. If you would like to try our Decaf coffee, we will switch it out with the Apex or Roaster's Special

  • Once bought, plans will not be refunded. 
  • A 1 Month pause is allowed for 4-12 Month plans, after which your plan will resume. No pauses are allowed for 1-3 Months
  • Note for international orders, total number of parcels in the chosen subscription will be sent in one delivery. Please email us at to confirm shipping rates before placing order.