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Electronic Timer Scale *NEW*

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Revolutionize and change your coffee brewings and experience

Quality & Cowpresso built. High Value-priced compared to the Hario Drip Scale and Acaia. Coffee brewing should not be exclusive and expensive but open for everyone to indulge in. Engraved with Cowpresso logo for quality-assurance. Free Singapore Delivery. 

The secret to the technique and art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee is consistency and detail. There's never too much detail and skill you can put into Specialty Coffee. Only when you truly measure a consistent brewing recipe and utilise your honed barista techniques can you truly enjoy the perfect liquid gold cup of coffee daily.

The Coffee Scale engraved with our Cowpresso logo ensures you top-notch quality with our name on the line. The scale is designed and built for coffee brewers, enthusiasts, baristas, bakers and even the professionals that scrutinize a coffee recipe; weight (Grammage 0.1gram-3000grams) and time (Time 1sec-9999secs) as the coffee brews. The limit to this high value, light, aesthetic and thin scale is up to your creativity. Well? Every kitchen needs a scale too! So why not get a quality one with a timer?

We have been using ours for years, every day, so we know it will last you a long, long time.

USB-C Charger.

Comes with a USB-C cable & Silicone pad

Touch Screen

Smart mode display area

Time/powder/water ratio display area

L x W x H (12.3cm x 13.8cm x 2.2cm)

Weight: 338.6G

Should fit under Gaggia Classic's Pro Drip Tray with reading and buttons sticking out nicely.

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