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Cowpresso Cold Brew Black Coffee (Coconut Blossom)
Cowpresso Cold Brew Black Coffee (Coconut Blossom)
Cowpresso Cold Brew Black Coffee (Coconut Blossom)

Cowpresso Cold Brew Black Coffee (Coconut Blossom)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Brewed for 16 hours in cold water, lift your spirits anytime with this clear and refreshing 100% Arabica cold brew coffee made with Cowpresso specialty roasted beans and Coconut Blossom Sugar

100% Coconut Sugar 
- Sap is collected from Coconut trees, boiled, dehydrated, and leaves behind small brown sugar granules known as Coconut Sugar
- Palm Sugar comes from any type of palm tree, not just coconut. Sap from different types of palm tree have different nutrients.

Benefits of Coconut Blossom Sugar 
- Contains inulin which helps slow down glucose absorption
- Promotes growth of intestinal bifidobacteria, restoring good gut bacteria and boosting immunity
- Natural Sweetener with low glycemic index (GI)
- High in antioxidants and electrolytes (iron, calcium and potassium)
- Contains B Vitamin inositol (used as a mood booster)

Comes in 250ml dark, amber glass bottles as coffee can react with plastic bottles and to shield your drink from the light. 

Reuse the glass bottles to hold your own coffee or stash bottles of water in the fridge so you have cold water anytime. 

Introductory price comes with complimentary delivery!

Water, Cowpresso Roasted Coffee, Pure Coconut Blossom Sugar
No Preservatives | No Calories | No Milk | No Nuts | No Animal Products | Organic | No Alcohol

We recommend you finish each drink within 14 days for optimum freshness, but it can last up to a month in the fridge. 

We ship twice weekly. All cold-brew bottles include premium shipping to Singapore addresses where you can expect the bottle the next working day from shipping day. Our next shipping date and the cut-off timing for that date can be found here

We apologise that there are no self-collection options at the moment. 

Doorstep delivery on Ship Day available for $30. 

Add 80g of milk for a milky dessert treat

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