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Cowpresso Pour-over Set
Cowpresso Pour-over Set

Cowpresso Pour-over Set

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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The Ultimate Pour-over Set to kickstart your specialty coffee aficionado journey. 

One full set contains:
  1. Ceramic DripperOur ceramic dripper is a design combination of different pour-over drippers. It encompasses a wedge-like structure and 3 holes similar to a Kalita 102, and is made of thick, heavy and high quality ceramic you would find in a good ceramic V60 dripper.

  2. Natural V60 Filter Paper (40 Pieces) - Unbleached brown filter papers that fit perfectly into our Pour-over Ceramic Dripper.

  3. Rose Gold Gooseneck Kettle - Ergonomically designed with a long gooseneck spout meant for precise and controlled water flow, granting you full control of brewing. This feature is crucial for an even brew to extract the flavours of your coffee grounds perfectly. Made of high quality stainless steel 304 and coated with rose gold plating to prevent rust and corrosion. Safe, durable and easy to clean. Can be used on an induction stove. Easy to store and carry. 

  4. Coffee Glass Pot with Wooden Lid - 300ml Thermal resistant Borosilicate glass and wooden lid with silicone seal designed to keep your drink hot or cold for a longer period of time. Ergonomic handle for easy pours.

This Pour-over method presents crisp and delicate sweetness, good body and elevates the clarity of coffee tasting notes.