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Cold Brew (DIY)  Kit
Cold Brew (DIY)  Kit

Cold Brew (DIY) Kit

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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With Singapore's hot and humid weather, the cold brew is quickly gaining popularity with it's ability to give us some respite from the heat. Best brewed with coffee with fruity flavour profiles.

This Cold Brew Kit includes:

  • Electronic Scale with Timer
  • Cowpresso Burr Grinder 
  • Coffee Sock Brewer 
  • Handcrafted Wooden Coffee Spade

with an option to include a 250gram Surprise Coffee Parcel. 

Instructions on how to DIY your own cold brew or concentrate:
1) Measure out 1:4-10 Coffee-to-cold water ratio in weight.
Use the scale to weigh out the coffee and water accurately. We use fridge temperature water.
2) Set the burr grinder to coarsest/medium setting and grind.
We know it's hard work but you'll have cold coffee for days! If you have an electronic grinder, even better, because all you need to do is press a button. It helps to start from the coarsest setting because if you don't like the taste, you can adjust the grind size smaller from there!
3) Put cold water and coffee into glass container with a sealed cap
We don't recommend putting it in plastic or metal containers as the coffee might react with these two materials. We think metal in particular leaves a bad taste. Glass is best.
PRO TIP: Alternatively, you can use a glass french press if you're just doing a serving for yourself, and you can skip the straining step! Less cleaning, but probably none leftover for you to store in the fridge.

4) Leave in the fridge for 6-24+ hours
We like to leave ours in the fridge for 16 hours. If you find the coffee grinds floating above the water, use the wooden spade to push the grinds down
5) Strain the cold brew using the coffee sock
Enjoy your black cold brew!
For people who love milk, add 1:1 cold brew concentrate to milk ratio for a coffee-milk drink. We love meiji milk, and for non-diary options we love Otis' Oat Milk (Buy in cartons of 6 from us!), Nutrisoy's Almond Milk, Vitasoy's Soy bean milk, Sunkist's Pistachio Milk (Original). (We genuinely use and love these brands for cold brew, #notsponsored ;) Other than Otis, the other 3 milk brands do not froth well)
6) Keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!
It can last longer in the fridge, but we found that it tastes best up to 2 weeks. If you have added milk or sugar, please consume within a week! If you think the cold brew is off, dilute it 3:1 water:cold brew ratio and feed your thirsty plants some nutrients. We will not be responsible if you overfeed your plant babies, feed responsibly :)

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