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Coffee Machine Repair & Maintenance Package - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |
Coffee Machine Repair & Maintenance Package - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |

Coffee Machine Servicing/Repair Package

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Espresso Machine Repair, Commercial Coffee Machine Servicing, Home Coffee Maker Technical Maintenance, Coffee Bean Grinder Servicing. 

Here at Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore, we repair mainly Lelit and Quamar Espresso Machines and Grinders and we can service any brand of coffee machine/grinder. 

As authorized Lelit distributors here in Singapore and in Southeast Asia, we are happy to offer you our professional repair and maintenance services. Spare parts of these brands are abundant with us and our team is trained to handle the vast array of technical aspects and maintenance services. Drop us a WHATSAPP MESSAGE at +65 8550 8143 to let us know your inquiry with photos if any and we will troubleshoot a solution if not issue you a quote immediately with no obligations!

For other brand machine maintenance/servicing, drop us a WHATSAPP MESSAGE with photos if any to +65 8550 8143.

For other brand repairs, we receive many emails about repair every day and while we would love to help, we unfortunately are not provided with genuine spare parts they make available only to their distributors. If you are facing difficulties repairing your machine, we recommend you choose a brand which has a licensed distributor which stocks genuine spare parts in Singapore and our machine specialists will be happy to answer any Lelit and Quanmar-related questions.

Why us?

We are responsive, fast and the cost of our services are reasonable! Most vendors who are not competent usually take a relatively long time to service your espresso machines and grinders and you'll usually end up with a higher proposed quote. We are an adaptable and helpful team, we will be more than happy to receive any photos and videos via WhatsApp or email. If the troubleshooting is simple, complimentary advice is given on the house and you need not pay a single cent or time to repair or maintain your coffee machine/grinder!


Do note that pricing varies from service to service so don't take our stated package price as black and white! It could be cheaper than our stated package. We do not hide hidden costs, we will always inform you of any costs required before proceeding on!  Did you know? It will anywhere from 4-12 working man hours to diagnose, clean & repair your machine

How often should I send my coffee machine/grinder for servicing?

An Espresso Machine is like a motorcar. To ensure the smoothest performance of extracting consistently the best espresso at 10-12 bars of pressure and extending the lifetime usage of your machine and grinder against variables of rust, scale and faulty parts due to wear and tear, it requires replacement of small parts such as gaskets, tightening of knobs and screwslubrication and professional maintenance such as washing your machine internally with commercial grade calcium scale detergent remover. Sounds like a lot? Fret not! We offer a wide range of services which is included in a servicing package bundle we offer. Drop us an enquiry via email and we will quote you accordingly!

We recommend sending your coffee machine/grinder in for servicing and maintenance every year even if there are no problems. Regular maintenance keeps your coffee machine and grinder in peak performance so you can always enjoy every cup of coffees with confidence that it will last minimally a decade just like your vehicle!

Espresso/Coffee Machine Servicing Package

1) Internal cleaning of Brew Boiler,  Boiler tubes, Grouphead, plastic gasket, shower screen, sprayer, knobs, and screws away of all debris and calcium scale built up with commercial food grade espresso machine descaling detergent. (Ensures removal of built up of solid calcium scale residue in your espresso machine, this is responsible for 90% of Espresso Machine problems. Prevents copper tubes from breaking, boiler from overworking, parts to be moving efficiently and not blocked, pressure valves and moving parts to be well maintained and smooth)

2) Food-grade lubrication of all knobs, seals, gaskets, screws and moving parts. (Lubrication will only be applied if there is a need to. (Ensures friction does not cause wear and tear and smooth experience for your machine to perform)

3) Cleaning of Steam-wand with Food-grade detergent, unclogging of steam tips and sanitization of steam wand tube. (Ensures your steam quality is hygienic, consistent and always clear from blockage)

Replacement of Grouphead Gasket, Shower screen, Sprayer, Cams and Gears, Seals, Springs, Screws, and PID can also be done for a small fee. Do let us know if you want us to replace these items, we will also let you know if these parts are recommended to be replaced.

Includes Delivery Service (2 Ways. Pick up & Drop off)

We cater to picking up your machine and grinders at any location and then delivering it back to you once serviced. Price includes delivery service and is compulsory.(Depending on your machine and shipping price).

We are very flexible and deliver hours can be arranged around your schedule. It will take up to 7 Working days to get your machine fully serviced and repaired.


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