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Coffee Cupping Guide in 8 Simple Steps



1) Weigh 9 or 12 Grams of your delicious coffee beans to be cupped. 

(Hot water: 150ml for 9 Grams and 200ml for 12 Grams of coffee beans)


2) Grind coffee. Make sure to purge your grinder first with a small amount of your coffee sample.

 How to Cup Coffee Beans

3) Smell and Evaluate the Dry Aroma of your coffee grounds.

Grounded Coffee Cupping

4) Start the timer and add 94°C hot water. (150ml for 9 Grams and 200ml for 12 Grams of coffee beans)

Cupping Coffee Step by StepCoffee Cupping

5) At 4 Minutes, break the Crust of the Coffee and evaluate the wet aroma. 

Process of Cupping CoffeeCupping Coffee SingaporeCupping Coffee Gear Spoon and Bowl

6) Remove the foam and crust using two spoons and let it rest.

Coffee CuppingCoffee Cupping BowlsCoffee Cupping Skills

7) At 8-10 Minutes, start the first tasting. (Slurp hard and ensure the coffee gets distributed around your whole palate of your tongue so you can taste accurately!)

Coffee Cupping Singapore Class

8) Jot down your notes and repeat tasting every 3 Minutes.


Coffee Cupping Guide

9) Share with us and your friends how your cupping went! Tag us at Cowpressocoffeesg and Hashtag us at #Cowpressocoffeesg so we can see your cupping session!

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