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Puly Grind Coffee Grinder Cleaner (10 Sachets)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Puly Grind Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Clean your grinder without disassembling and save your time! No more adjusting your grinder settings back a gain when you take apart your grinder to clean any longer. Puly Grind is easy to use, effective and is a Gluten-Free product for every blade or burr coffee grinder. Puly Grind uses patented technology, where there are grinder cleaning crystals to create a better quality coffee grounds, and in turn produce a more dominant espresso in terms of aroma, flavour and crema. 

The grinder crystals remove stubborn oils and solid deposits left on the blades and burrs by your coffee beans which impart a rancid flavour to your coffee grounds and over time could cause damage to your grinder. Puly Grind is effective yet harmless, gluten-free, preservative-free and food safe, certified by NSF International with protocol P152.

Recommended to clean your grinder once monthly to ensure grinder is rid of any rancid oils or stubborn coffee deposits and coffee fines.

How To Use Puly Grind

1) Empty the grinder hopper of any remaining coffee beans
2) Run the grinder to rid of any coffee beans or grounds
3) Empty Sachet of crystals into the grinder along with 15 Grams of coffee beans
4) Run the grinder until all the beans and crystals have been grounded, discard.
5) Run another 15 Grams of coffee beans through the grinder to ensure the grinder is rid of any Puly Grind Crystals, discard.