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Jamaica Coffee Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags
Jamaica Coffee Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

Jamaica Coffee Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags

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Jamaica Nitrogen Flushed Drip Bags 

Be one of the Lucky few to try this World-Renowned coffee, suitable as gifts & special occasions for your loved ones! 
Exclusive Single Origin: 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Not a Blend, we want you to enjoy the real deal!)
Variety: Blue Mountain Arabica Typica

Elevation: 1,000m - 1,650m

Processing: Fully washed

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Flavour: Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Fruits & Floral

Acidity: Balanced

Body: Silky Smooth 

Farm Information
In the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica grows the world’s finest coffee. At elevations higher than 2,000 feet above sea level, the rich soil and continuous rainfall combine to create conditions perfect for cultivating the world’s most distinguished brew, Wallenford® Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee. Famous for its rarity, perfect flavour, intense aroma and balanced taste, this unique coffee soothes the spirit and satisfies the soul.

Matthew Wallen, a Captain in the British Navy, sailed into Jamaica in 1746 and, soon after, pursued his greater passion as a Botanist. Dedicated to his craft, he recorded over 400 varieties of ferns and grew coffee in the Blue Mountains. In this area, the home of Wallenford® Farm, dedicated farmers have cultivated Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for over 250 years.

Tasting Experience
As a Pour over, the smoothness will be one cup to remember. Apart from its world-renowned outstanding feature of being very well-balanced in terms of acidity, sweetness & flavour, the Jamaican does not fall behind the bar with deliciousness. Packing itself well as a creamy smooth texture, Milk chocolate notes is pillioned along with delicate floral, citrus & fruity nuances. A cut above the rest, enjoy the nuances my friends!

As an Espresso, the shot is phenomenally well balanced and its flavour notes are brought up to another level of strength. What's the big deal with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee you might wonder? Well? We like to say here in our team that one will be wooed well by this seductive coffee.

Matte Smooth Outer Drip Bag Packaging. Food safe-Aluminium Inner layer coating. Nitrogen flushed and heat sealed for extended freshness of your freshly roasted coffee drip bag. 

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