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Sumatra Lintong Arabica 

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Region:  Lintong, Aceh Tenggah, Sumatra Utara

District: Humbang Hasudutan
Variety: Ateng (Typica)

Elevation:  1300m AMSL

 Giling Basah (Wet-Hulled or Wet-Grinding)

Roast profile: Medium Roast

Tasting notes: Berry Jam, Raisins, Spice

Acidity:  Medium acidity

Body: Medium body 

Tasting Experience
Reminiscent of sweet berries on the first gulp and balanced with hints of earth at the end  - we love how the butterscotch berry pudding notes are accentuated with milk and it can be enjoyed as an easy hot and cold brew in your french press.

The wet-hulling method brings out the spicy flavours, fuller body and lighter acidity compared to a dry hulling method.

Wet Hulling Method
The wet-hulling method adopted in Sumatra removes the mucilage of the coffee beans just 24+ hours after the drying process has started for the de-pulped coffee cherries. At this point, the moisture content of the bean ranges from 25-35%, where it is placed back in the sun for further drying before the moisture content reaches 12%.

In contrast, the dry hulling method dries whole coffee cherries to 12% moisture straightaway before the mucilage is removed.

Farm Information
Aek Nauli is a small village in the Humbang Hasudutan, located at the southern part of Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The Lintong region grows some of the most prized Arabica beans.

Housing a total of 500 coffee farmers,  the people from the Batak Tribe grow coffee plants on 4 km² of fertile land that produces a limited supply of 200-300 tonnes of coffee every year.

These growers hand pick the coffee cherries, put them through Giling Basah, a method that was developed out of a practical need to dry the beans quickly in a tropical, humid environment. Today, the beans are processed this way for the unique tastes the process brings out compared to a typical dry-hulling method.

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