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Pakse Cascara (Coffee Cherry Peel, Not Coffee Bean)
Pakse Cascara (Coffee Cherry Peel, Not Coffee Bean)

Pakse Cascara (Coffee Cherry Peel, Not Coffee Bean)

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Region: Pakse, Laos

District: Bolaven Plateau
Elevation:  1250-1350m ASL

Terroir: Shaded with rich volcanic soil

 Washed pulped

Tasting notes: Brilliant, Tea-Like, Creamy Body, Refreshing Finish

Moisture: 9%

Acidity: Medium, Bright

Body: Creamy 

Caffeine Content: 1% 

What is Cascara?
This is the peel from the coffee cherry fruit, not cascara sagrada. Read more about Cascara here.

Tasting Experience
As a concentrate using the versatile French Press, appreciate natural raisin slurply notes with a herbal body from the washed processing and mix it up with your regular coffee & tonics. We prefer brewing at 65 degrees for 10 (with some stirring) to 30 mins but it is recommended to flush the cascara with boiling water before steeping at temperatures lower than 85 degrees. 

Lightly brewed, be embraced by comforting vegetal notes that will keep you alert through work. Brewing the whole pulps slowly or reuse for a second steep. Blend or chop up the cascara into smaller pieces to speed by up the brewing process.

If you are making cascara cold brew, flush clean the cascara with 85-100 degrees of water for 3-5 seconds and toss the liquid away, before brewing with room temperature or cold water overnight in the fridge for 12 hours.

Find suggested recipes here.

Farm Information
Located in the Bolaven Plateau abundant with waterfalls and blessed with rich volcanic soils, with Vietnam and the Mekong River close by in the West.

A collective of 110 farmers are supported by a thousand additional workers during harvest. Committed to the Rainforest Alliance & UTZ, they have continued to give back to their community whose families were hardest hit by logistics and travel restrictions by providing continued employment and food supplies at the plantations.

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