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Guatemala Geisha El Mirador (Roaster's Special)
Guatemala Geisha El Mirador (Roaster's Special)
Guatemala Geisha El Mirador (Roaster's Special)
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Guatemala Geisha El Mirador (Roaster's Special)

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Curated Geisha beans, just for you! 

Region: San Pedro Yepocapa, Acatenango, Guatemala 
Variety: Geisha 

Elevation: 1,500 metres A.S.L 

Type of Soil: Volcanic soil 
Processing: Fully Washed & Sun Dried 

Wet Mill: Wet hulled & Fermented 

Roast profile: Light Filter 

Tasting notes: Juicy stone fruit, Fragrant Jasmine tea, Bergamot, Spiced Cider.

Acidity: Sauternes acidity

Body: Balanced 

Moisture: 11.7%


Tasting Experience:
Juicy sweet yellow peach with rose and jasmine florals. Honey and black tea. Balanced with a rounded body with notes of creamy cashew. 


Farm Information:


Beautiful, gorgeous scenery of lush green trees overlooking the mountain

The De la Roca family ran the farm for 40 years until in 2015 the land was sold to Stuardo Coto, who added it to his Panorama Estate. The organization is dedicated to growing coffee with respect to the environment whilst ensuring high quality is maintained. His team diligently monitors the soil fertility, pruning, fertilizing, and pest management of each farm within the organization. The slopes of Finca El Mirador are filled with Pacamara and Geisha. Thanks to the high altitude and ideal climate, this farm is utilized primarily for growing high quality coffee rather than quantity.

During the harvest, the cherries are carefully handpicked and delivered by truck to the wet mill located in Antigua, 2 hours away. 

A Guatemalan lady sorting coffee cherry right at the farm

The cherries are then examined and sorted to remove any under or overripe cherries. Next, the cherries are pulped via machine then fermented in barrels for 36 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed by hand to remove any remaining mucilage or debris. Finally, the coffee is dispersed evenly on patios to dry in the open sun. On the first day the coffee is moved every 30 minutes, then every hour the following day and every hour and a half for the remainder of drying time, which lasts 15–20 days. Once dried, the coffee is rested then hulled and prepared for export. 

Crates of coffee cherry that's been sorted

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