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Golden Cup Blend
Golden Cup Blend
Golden Cup Blend
Golden Cup Blend

Golden Cup Blend

Chocolate Houseblend Cowpresso Signature

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Flagship Cowpresso House Blend

Origins: Seasonal Cowpresso House Blend 

Processing: Natural & Fully washed

Roast profile: Medium Dark Roast 

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate. Muscovado. Macadamia. Dried Fruit

Acidity: Balanced

Body: Rich and Bold

Tasting Experience
Comforting and delicious. Fantastic as a black coffee and heavily complimented as a milk coffee. Milk chocolate is the dominant flavour here, accompanied with caramel and macadamia sweetness and finishing off with a bold dried fruit aftertaste. The perfect one-stop solution coffee blend for any machine and crowd.

Blend Information
We are proud to present to you the Golden Cup Blend. Our flagship blend is perfect for any cafe, office or pantry. This blend is crafted with fresh crop specialty-grade coffee to recreate the same delicious consistent flavour year round. Chocolate, Macadamia and Dried fruit.

Loved by everybody, it is neither too "acidic" or "bitter", making it the perfect one-stop blend for all to enjoy. We've been working on this blend since 2017 and are consistently sourcing new delicious origins to improve this blend! This doesn't mean it has to taste boring! Taste, enjoy, or chug it, you'll definitely enjoy the chocolatey flavours and the buzz that follows. The Golden Cup Blend performs outstandingly well on both brewed coffee and espresso applications! Milk chocolate, brown sugar sweetness, a heartwarming nutty and dried fruit notes from these three renowned origin crafts for a coffee that's delicious and a cut above the rest. Say NO to stale, bitter, or sour coffee! Roasted to perfection, the best is yet to be in this blend! 


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