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Lelit Water Filter & Softener
Lelit Water Softener - Singapore Cowpresso Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee Beans | Online Subscription | Freshly Delivered |
Lelit Water Filter & Softener
Lelit Water Filter & Softener

Lelit Water Filter & Softener

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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How to use

Completely soak for 5 Minutes in room temperature water before attaching on to your water inlet hose in the water tank of your espresso machine. Easy to attach within mere seconds! 

The Lelit In Tank Water Softener can be used on all Lelit and most espresso machine brands! As Singapore water quality is relatively soft, it need not be replaced after the recommended 35 / 70 litres of water has passed through, assuming you have a proper cleaning schedule using Puly Caff Detergent. For home usage whereby less than 100 Cups are brewed per month, we recommend replacing the 35 L Softener every 3 Months and 70 L Softener every 6 Months. For commercial usage, a proper built in water filtration system is recommended if not a replacement of a 70 L Softener monthly.



  • For water tanks with two tubes, one for pumping water into the tank and one for channeling excess water back into the tank, please connect the filter to the correct tube!
  • Remove the softener when performing any descaling procedure to avoid any possible damages.
  • Do not use in conjunction with Peak Water or Third Wave Water (minerals may be removed by the filter)
  • If you add your own mineral composition to your water after distilling, it may remove the minerals as well through the cation exchange

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