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The BEST SPECIALTY Coffee is here

It's the pursuit of Specialty Coffee, endless arrays of Single Origins & House Blends that keep us searching for that coffee that we can call our favourite and our God-shot. Call it the revolutionary movement to an end of the commercial coffee era where over-roasting is heart to hide defective flavours but simultaneously producing bitter flavours. Now more than ever, it's easier to enjoy delectable & fresh coffees from Specialty Coffee Roasters thanks to the quality driven movement from the growing to roasting of the coffee bean. A well marketed Gimmick? The answer boils down to whether you enjoy the coffee served at your fast-food joint as much as a naturally sweet & flavourful cup of freshly roasted & brewed Specialty cuppa. Please don't misinterpret our tone, we just want to recommend you to try a cup of well-brewed Specialty coffee before residing to a conclusion! It's all about embracing towards the better cuppa & hustle as a coffee community!

The Best?

What then is the best Specialty Coffee Single Origin or Blend you can get your hands on? Different varietals and origins hold unique tasting profiles and it would be rash to conclude that the Lychee-perfumed Geisha is the best whereas the Generic Chocolatey Brazillian is average simply because of price comparisons; based on the economics of supply, demand & investment to grow. Taking into account that certain varietals require a bigger investment to grow (e.g. Prone to coffee tree diseases & require more demanding growing conditions), hone an unique one-in-a million tasting profile (e.g. Tobacco and rich notes from Indonesian Aged Mandhelings) and are limited to just several coffee lots, are we simply deciding that the best Specialty coffee is based on the most successfully trending or marketed coffee currently?

Indeed this is the beauty of Specialty Coffee. Similar to a fine wine (The only difference being that it's affordable by anyone), your favourite coffee today might be replaced by a more delicious cuppa tommorow! We believe this is where the joy and fun is as there's so much depth and width to explore in the world of coffee, be it the juicyness, acidity, sweetness, chocolateyness, strength, uniqueness & simply straight on deliciousness a certain coffee. Maybe it's the knowledge & transparency that Specialty Coffee brings to the table that makes you enjoy your cuppa more? Maybe it's the downright delicious profile of your Strawberry & Fruity tasting coffee that you know is grown in Ethiopia, Guji at 2,200m, Natural processed, Freshly roasted 2 days ago to a medium profile to uplift its fruity and bright flavours? Or maybe it's just your preference for a certain flavour profile of sort, e.g. the Fruity and Sweet lingering coffee or the Chocolatey and Rich bodied coffee. Whatever, the case, we'll like to say there should never be an ultimatum to what the best coffee should be like, taking into account that you'll probably be lying to yourself as you'll find something even more delicious sooner or later.

Just like how the most exciting things in life come unexpected and unplanned for, keeping an open mind & palate will only be set you up for an exciting adventure in the world of Specialty Coffee! By all means start with a coffee you prefer and enjoy, but no doubt you'll be looking forward to your morning coffees if you explore out of your comfort zone! Not all who wander are lost..

Hone a totally different perspective of what the best Specialty Coffee should be and taste like?
Leave a comment and we can further discussion as a community that seeks for the best cup of Specialty Coffee!
Stay Mootivated with your hustle with a cup of joe always!Β 

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