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Only drink coffee during THESE Hours!

The Circidian clock

The internal alarm clock in each of our bodies. In other words, it's the human clock! Well..what has this got to do with my Coffee? Hmm.. pretty much everything actually! This in-house body clock of ours depicts our sleep and wake cycles. Be it your morning cup of Joe to grim you on for the bright day ahead or that intense Brazillian Joe to grind you through your mid-day, know when is the right time to drink coffee! 

The perfect hormone?

What is Cortisol? It's the notorious hormone released when we are stressed out. What's it do?! Its a miracle stress management drug. Don't worry, I'll pretend I didn't hear you gasp on your coffee. Besides, it’s produced by our body daily in large amounts. Fascinated one bit? Based on vast research, it has since been known that Cortisol releases in our bodies peaks in a single hour. First in the morning within your first hour of getting out of bed, waking your body up. Second in the early afternoon at 12PM and third in the evening at 5:30PM. You're probably wondering now. When then is the right time to drink my JOE?! Read on my caffeinated one!

When's the right time then?

Yes, you've seen it. Slicked above is a Cowpresso 101 hack schedule to when you should drink your JOE! Stay away from coffee during cortisol hours and chuck your caffeinated brain goodness down during the latter hours. Giving all the honours to the sleep physiologist, Kenneth Wright. Kenny explains that your circadian clock "is in your fat cells; it's in your muscle cells. It's in your liver, for example, as well as in your brain." Onwards to the issue on tolerance. Yes. Most of you probably have heard that after time, you can build a tolerance towards caffeine. There is some truth here! Intaking caffeine regularly during Cortisol release hours is one of the main reasons to why you build a tolerance. Getting caffeine regularly (by drinking coffee during cortisol hours everyday) can climate your body's cortisol release. Meaning, your body starts relying on caffeine to kick off the cortisol release during the hit hours instead of relying on the body's natural kick off cortisol syndrome. This all too well leads to the well known coffee lover "I have developed a tolerance towards coffee to the extent that I'll need a double espresso to feel the effects of a single" speech.  On the other hand, consuming coffee in moderation away from cortisol hours can cause a big boost in cortisol levels naturally and definitely grant about numerous health benefits.

Base line

Don't get me wrong! Every now and then, we too brew that JOE straight right out of bed (Perhaps once too many), devour that pot-full of cold brew through my mid-day grinds and slurp that sweet cup of Joe after a hard day of work. Research definitely can prove one thing, but has been well-known to prove otherwise too in the future. Have we then taken into account the effects of consuming coffee during different times of the day each new day? Perhaps research might even reveal that it's a mind over body thing. My take on this? Don't let guides ruin your happy drug and treat for the day. Enjoy your JOE. Stay hydrated. Drink in moderation. What can I say? It's where a roaster becomes your family. Peace be with you and may the love of coffee always be strong. Subscribe TODAY!

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