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Nanofoamer PRO FAQ

Here are the most common questions asked about the Nanofoamer PRO! (Answers by Subminimal)

We're fans and can't wait to receive and test out the item too! Hoping to launch this for all you guys (especially those struggling with milk frothing or don't own an espresso machine) soon!

(Last updated 10 March 2023)

Pour directly from the Nanofoamer PRO!
You can pour latte art directly, the balance is obviously different because your holding a bigger item. The spout on the PRO is not very sharp, so it works for pouring big wiggle patterns.

How to wash the Nanofoamer PRO!

Put cold water in it when it's finished so that it just soaks and then when it's time to do the dishes just wipe it down.

Or you can put soapy water into the PRO and run it.

Or you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge. The milk doesn't scald on the bottom and is super easy to wipe off.

How much milk can I put into the Nanofoamer PRO?

Between 130-180ml is the range of milk where you get the most choices of foam, from super thin to quite thick, by choosing programs 1-5.

Plug & Voltage specific to country (110V or 220V)

It has a 400W heating element and must use mains power, so it is not switchable. Even a powerful laptop adapter is just about 85-100W, so it would take 5-10 minutes or more to prepare your milk if you tried doing it that way.

What do the Flow Controllers do?

They mostly prevent over-aeration when the milk builds up momentum in the cup. The flow controller throws the milk back onto the impeller to prevent new air for being mixed in during the second stage.

Lifespan of Flow Control and Nanoscreens (on Nanofoamer)

The Flow controllers are co-molded food-grade silicone with a magnet inside, they should last forever unless you lose it. At worse, you could rip the silicone near the magnet but that would be rather strong abuse. The only risk is loss.

The NanoScreen is super durable because it is quite thick and full of magnets. It does have some small clips on it and a fine mesh. If you dropped it and cracked a clip, that could be cause for replacement, or if you don't clean it and it gets clogged. However, the screen on the PRO version is really hard to clog compared to the original NanoFoamers. I'm not sure why, but even after months of daily use, they feel like new.

Magnets for impeller/flow control

The impeller self-aligns. The flow controllers have guides.

Which Flow Controller do I use?

Smaller amounts of milk foam up easier, so you might even want to use the black flow controller with just 100ml to prevent over foaming. When you get into the extreme ranges like that, you need to experiment with both to see which one works best to your liking.


Just one colour at the moment. Maybe others in the future ;)


1 year warranty 

These do not work with the PRO!

  • Putting powders (Matcha, Chocolate, etc) in the PRO will almost certainly clog the NanoScreen so we don't recommend it.
  • Cream - too vicious
  • Chocolate - may be possible by purchasing an extra nanoscreen and cutting the mesh out. PRO would not work without a magnet, which is around the nanoscreen. Chocolate would get stuck in the mesh.

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