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Nanofoamer & Flow Tip Jug Review | Subminimal

We've received our first sample and have given it a test run!

If you want the good stuff, just check out our product listings! We've created this review to document what we faced as first time users and to compile any obstacles you guys might face and how to help you through it!

Perfect for brewing methods on the go, be it the Aeropress, Moka Pot, V60, French Press, Delter Filter, Cold Brew, etc. Espresso machine users will love this for the portability when they can't carry their beloved machine with them on-the-go.

Here are some challenges that first timer users will encounter:


1. The button was harder to hold down with one hand 

SOLUTION 1: Practice and get accustomed to it. There is a learning curve though so just review (1) the angles you are holding the frother at, (2) depth, (3) milk height, (4) sound of frothing to guide you to getting foam with less bubbles. 

SOLUTION 2: For young children or people with weaker wrists, press firmly on the button with a 2 thumb hold instead


2. The milk frother was weaker than expected

SOLUTION: Change your batteries! It does matter if your batteries are from the value dollar store (with a lower power output leading to slow performance) or a genuine Energizer or rechargeable Eneloop battery.

With the Eneloop batteries, we used them for about 8-10 times before switching them out.

3. I've been foaming for a few minutes now and it doesn't seem to get any thicker!

SOLUTION: WATCH the masterclass video & use powerful batteries! We tried different methods, but just following the masterclass video was the most effective.

Keep texturing for 20-30 seconds 

We used to do this before replicating the masterclass method which worked better: Start in the middle for 7-10 seconds, with the nanofoamer vertical to the milk. Slowly move to the edge of the pitcher and move the propeller slightly deeper so it is fully covered for the remaining time, allowing the froth to mix with the milk below. People who move the propeller to the side without going lower into the milk will find that the milk will rise to cover the propeller and it might take longer to froth.

Do not start, stop & restart the whirl. It can be tempting to keep foaming for a few more minutes when you think the milk is not thick enough, but this just creates more bubbles in your foam and heightens the level of foam in your drink, which creates the smoothest foam for iced lattes and cappuccinos, but not so great for pouring latte art.

4. The screens are clogging up

SOLUTION: Rinse IMMEDIATELY after texturing. If you wait to wash it, the milk will build up on the screens and you'll need to wipe it off, especially around the edges of the screens.

We think it's the best portable milk frother out there at the moment, so if you want to get your hands on a barista worthy milk frother:
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FLOW TIP JUG (Barista Milk Pitcher)

1. It's hard to pour the fine designs

SOLUTION: The pitcher was designed to be very sharp only at the very tip, so you can vary your pouring technique by pouring from a higher level and faster.

The handles are also wider than usual which are great for people with larger hands, and will take some adjustment for a person with smaller hands.

You can use your own pitcher to see if it's the milk or difference in pitcher that is causing the wonky pours.

2. My milk is burning over the stove

SOLUTION: Stir the milk to ensure that the milk at the bottom does not burn. If it does happen, just scrub it off. 

3. The Flow tip jug / my regular milk pitcher doesn't sit on the grill of my open flame stove!

SOLUTION 1: Place milk in the top boil of a double boiler or in a bowl set over a pot/saucepan of simmering water. Check your temperature and stir to ensure you don't overheat your milk!

SOLUTION 2: Microwave your milk in the oven on medium for roughly 2 minutes. Every machine is different so do your own tests to ensure the milk lies between 50-70 degrees where you like it.

SOLUTION 3: Repurpose a outdoor grill or camping grill over the stove. If you use your stainless steel and aluminium grills such as an old espresso machine drip tray or oven tray, you will see the metal turn red so always keep watch and never leave the milk to heat up alone!

**Always use a thermometer to check your milk temperature! We repurpose the thermometer from our black & silver gooseneck kettles and a contactless thermometer!**

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Buy it here on our store on Shopee

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