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Df64p/df64e troubleshooting

Coffee flowing too fast
  • Your coffee is old, or older than the last batch you have used. Older grinds will flow at a faster rate. If you like the coffee, the faster speed is flowing faster does not matter. Solution: Adjust grind size smaller 
  • The grinder top was opened to clean, and the wooden circle was replaced in the wrong position. There are two groove indents for the screw heads to sit in. If you place them the wrong way, the wooden circle will be elevated, elevating your burrs and resulting in a larger grind size. Solution: place the wooden circle in the correct position and watch out for the screws

Coffee flowing too slowly 

  • Solution: adjust your grind size to a larger size. A bigger number is a larger size 
Coffee is stuck 
  • Solution: start your grinder (burrs are turning) and at the same time increase your grind size. Always make it a habit with any grinder to start the grinder with the burrs turning to increase or decrease the grind size 

Feet fell out where the screws are revealed 

  • Please purchase the round feet. We sell a number of spare parts for the df64p and df64e 

I would like to remove the declumper 

  • We recommend you use it with the declumper so that they will not be clumps in your coffee grinds

Powder is falling out from the grind adjustment lever where the grind size is

  • Please ensure it is not falling out from previous grinds or from your espresso workflow. There will be service charges for the technician's time if sent back and no issues are found. 
  • If you are sure it is from inside the grinder, send it back to us.

Whole beans are found in my dosing cup when grinding

  • You have most likely dropped the whole beans in when tossing them into the bean hopper/burr carrier. It is impossible for the whole beans to come out of the grinder as the gap between the burrs does not permit this to happen.










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