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Cowpresso Hand Burr Grinder

Cowpresso Hand Burr

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Ever thought of owning a consistent grind for your coffee with a high quality affordable hand grinder? Who doesn't love a freshly grounded cup of coffee at one's convenience? This grinder is perfect for the aesthetic, ergonomic and adventurous brewer. Never be grounded by your grinder again. Own your grind.

Grind Size

Fine. Medium. Coarse. No problem.

Easy Grind Adjustment Knob

Twistable knob to choose from fine to coarse within seconds

Detachable Arc Handle

Portable and compact for the traveler.

The conical ceramic burr is perfect on-the-go, adjustable within seconds.

Twist to adjust grind settings from coarse to very fine grinds to brew your cold brews and espresso grinds. Well-defined grind sizes will be obtained with minimum effort and time.

Perfect for brewing on your way to work, in the office, camping and at home.

Dimensions: 6.4cm (Base) by 12.6cm (Height)

Every minute inch of material is carefully inspected for flaws before polished off and imprinted with our Cowpresso Logo. 

Easy to wash, durable, light and aesthetic. 

Perks of being ergonomic? When grinding, its quiet, easy and comfortable. Something about polished steel that imparts this energy which is cooling and comfortable to touch in the mornings and during your mid day grinds.

From Mr Lee: "Great Coffee! Not only did I achieve a consistent grind, I love it's portability and value. Special mention to it's aesthetic and premium quality feel and touch."

Now on LIMITED SALE on our Starter Brewing Kit 

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