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Below $20 Christmas Gift for Coffee Lovers in 2023!

Under $20:

  1. Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans: Whole Beans or Ground to your 

  2. HUSKEE Coffee Cup: Know a friend who loves their coffee tumblers? Add a unique touch to their coffee routine without exceeding your budget. Choose between the RENEW series made from 50% recycled material or their original series made from Coffee Husk! 

  3. Nespresso Pods: Satisfy the Nespresso Lover with budget-friendly coffee-flavored treats. Whether it's chocolate, cookies, or candles, these affordable indulgences add a dash of luxury to the coffee lover's routine.

  4. Drip BagsExplore the world of coffee without breaking the bank. This affordable sampler pack introduces the gift recipient to a variety of flavors, making each brewing experience a delightful surprise.

  5. Coffee Flavour WheelDecorate the coffee nook affordably with the SCA Approved Coffee Wheel. In the $20 - $50 range, you can find prints that celebrate the love for coffee, adding character to the space without a significant cost.

  6. Cocoa: Warm hearts all season long with our delicious drinking cocoas from The Original Cocoa Traders
  7. Our items are priced according to budget, so if you're looking to truly spoil someone, you can check our other posts here


$20 - $50:

  1. Ceramic Burr Grinder: Elevate the coffee experience with a simple handheld grinder. This mid-range option allows for freshly ground beans, enhancing the aroma and flavor of each cup without a substantial investment in electrical coffee grinders.
  2. Stylish French Press: Bring a touch of sophistication to coffee brewing with a stylish French press in the $20 - $50 range. This mid-priced option ensures a smooth and rich coffee experience to the new barista. We have other brewing kits available here too!
  3. Entire Set of Nespresso Pods!For the adventurous but busy folk that appreciate variety and quality at the tip of their fingers! Sample all 5 of our beans and blends pods! 
  4. Loose Leaf Tea in Sachets: Not everyone on the team drinks coffee exclusively, and in the pursuit of caffeine, we have curated three specialty tea sets which we personally love in the form of our Signature Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Ginger Honey!

      $50 - $100:

      1. Quality Manual Coffee GrinderStainless Steel Hand-Cranked Coffee Grinder for those that need a more heavy-duty travel companion
      2. Subminimal Nanofoamer: For the aspiring Latte Artist without an espresso machine! A superior, yet equally easy-to-use manual milk frothing wand  (Get the 2023 LIMITED EDITION WHITE Nanofoamer for an extra special gesture!
      3. Coffee Subscription Service: Step into the realm of premium beans with a coffee subscription in the $50 - $100 range. This option ensures a regular supply of high-quality, freshly roasted beans, making each cup a luxurious experience. (Insert surprise plan)
      4. DIY Coffee Blending Kit: Foster creativity with a more elaborate DIY coffee blending kit. In the $50 - $100 range, include various beans and flavorings, allowing the recipient to experiment with unique blends and savor the joy of crafting their own coffee creations
      5. Physics of Filter Coffee Book: Know a friend that likes to get into the scientific explanations of how things work? This would be the perfect book for them, written by an astropsychist. For the layman, this book still remains perfectly understandable without any overuse of jargon. 

        $100 and Above:

        1. Premium Coffee Mug Set: Invest in a set of premium, perhaps personalized, coffee mugs. In the $100 and above range, these high-quality vessels add a touch of luxury to the coffee ritual, turning every cup into a cherished experience.

        2. Subminimal Nanofoamer PRO: Skip the learning curve and go fully automatic frothing latte art friendly milk with either dairy or alternative! 
        3. Travel Coffee Kit with Premium Gear: For the on-the-go coffee enthusiast, invest in a high-end travel coffee kit. Priced at $100 and above, include a top-tier portable coffee maker and accessories for a luxurious coffee experience wherever they roam.

        4. Filter Coffee Kit: Delve into the world of coffee with a collection of high-quality coffee-related books. Priced at $100 and above, these books provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art of coffee, making it a thoughtful and enriching gift.

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