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Birthplace of Coffee

The MOST consumed beverage in the world.
Roasters have it every minute, Coffee gurus have it every hour, white collar workers have it every break, blue collar workers have every meal and pink collar workers have it every sale's lead. A miracle drink some would say? Hmm, it certainly deserves to be called the 
electrifying drug of productivity! Regardless of your career - actor, musician, writer, scientist, lawyer, politician, philosopher - this breathtaking beverage is more than a simple power-packed drink and you'll definitely fall in love after just a sip. It has provoked world renowned events and provides a place of turf to anyone anytime, be it a social house, study spot or place of business transaction. Aren't you one bit curious about its birthplace?
Here's how we like to imagine Kaldi
Legend has it that in the 8th century, a fine young Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi noticed that his goats were near bonkers! They were over high-spirited, jumping around as if it was their long awaited day to enter goat-heaven! Through careful observation, Kaldi realised that his goats had been chewing on certain bright red cherries we all know as coffee cherries. Kaldi too decided to give it a go like the stubborn ol' Adam back in the garden of Eden. As a result? Immediately, he felt his spirit uplifted and the rest is history. 
Word spread about this newfound discovery to his fellow Sufi buddies in the monastery he frequented. The Caffeine quickly worked its magic.
Fun fact: To the disgust of several Friars, they threw the coffee cherries into a bonfire. A bouquet of aromas rose and charmed the naysayers, eventually leading them to brew the nearly cremated beans into a gleeful beverage we all are familiar with, Coffee.

Rumour has it.. Coffee plants originated from Ethiopia where it was discovered and prized for its medicinal properties which then led to its travel to Yemen and Africa by slaves.
Well, grinded between burrs on which history to brew in? Since you'd asked, I'll prefer to believe the legend. Why? Because I believe it's time to celebrate the glory the coffee bean has been robbed of ever since Instant Coffee came into the picture. Specialty coffee is similar to a wine - complex and robust, full of flavours and mouthfeels - with flavours dependent on the conditions undergone during growth, processing, roasting and brewing. I promise.. by the end of the blog, you'll be craving for a cup of JOE.
History stretched out
By the 15th century
People drank quishr, a coffee cherry tea which is loaded with caffeine. Why? They drank it because they needed to stay awake for their night prayers. This enchanting drink soon became infamous and had spread throughout the country whereby the intelligent, hard working and all who could see coffee, drank coffee. Then the businessman and merchants who were late to the coffee party brought this magic to the rest of the world.

By the 16th century, roasting the seeds of coffee and then grinding them became a preferred choice of beverage as it tasted more robust and the caffeine fix was even more magical. This charming drink soon became more accessible as transportation means improved and became less of a hassle. 

By the 17th century
Business and smuggler birds from the land of Yemenarrived in Holland and India to conduct their business, and then continued with their goods to Java and France. Fun fact: the Yemenites monopolized coffee by deviously establishing for coffee to be boiled if it was exported, hence making the coffee beans unsuitable for cultivating new coffee plants. However, in this diverse world we live in, certain minds have learnt to acquire a creative intellect for devising ingenious plans. What does that mean? Through the sly act of stealing, thieves ultimately brought the coveted coffee seedlings to India, Netherlands and the French colony of Martinique. Who then are these saviours of coffee we should honour!?

A Muslim successfully pirated it from Yemen to India and a Portuguese minister had to seduce the French Guiana's Governer's wife to smuggle a seedling over to it's surrounding country, Brazil. Mmmm, that's the renowned chocolatey and delicious
 Brazillian Santos we all know of! An essential ingredient in every espresso blend crafted. Fun fact: The Governer's wife had to disguise coffee seedlings in a bouquet of flowers as a gift to the Portuguese minister to sneak the contraband through customs.

Another tale of the the stolen coffee cutting (seedling) from the French Naval Officer named Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu is worth a joe to be recounted. It all began when the then watchful King Louis XIV denied Gabriel of his request for a coffee seedling to be grown throughout french colonies. Gabriel, nonetheless motivated towards his goal for a coffee seedling, struck at twilight during an ongoing party for the nobles. He scaled past guards and defenses towards the then Royal Botanical Garden in Paris to snip off a small cutting of a single growing blooming coffee tree and sailed hastily away across the Pacific Ocean towards Martinique. The journey back was an adventure itself, with Gabriel chaining down a fellow Dutch sailor who attempted to steal his coffee seedling, battling a ferocious swindling pirate ship and soaring through a heavy storm which almost sank their ship!

By the 18th century
The mighty Dutch haboured the coffee beans throughout France followed with the Caribbeans and then South America. With the help of the British, coffee was introduced to Central America. After which, coffee slowly started travelling back to its birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia, and soon continued to Asia and the corners of the world. Each explorer and colonist attempted to grow coffee before realising that specific coffee varieties required a specific combination of environmental conditions to thrive. From a simple beverage, it shaped the economics, values and beliefs of the future as it became a commodity. Hmmm. Craving for coffee now? 

By the 21st century
From the little red dot, a group of passion led artisans - an over-caffeinated barista, ardent coffee roaster, budding chef and burgeoning photojournalist - sought to build a roastery to present the perfect roast to the freshest green coffee beans sourced around the world. With the collective passion to bring about the best in the name of coffee, they professed to using only high quality greens and freshly roasting beans that will be delivered to you within 72 hours of roasting. Cowpresso was henceforth born. This is where a coffee roaster becomes part of your family. We love coffee and we know you do too. Armed with an understanding that every palate is designed uniquely different and a mark of pride in our mission to provide you the best experience with coffee, we'll provide you 24/7 contact with one of our roasters when you subscribe. And don't be shy, recommendations, coffee geek talk, customization and all your queries will be welcomed. As a family of craftsmen, we bring our expertise to this task as artisan roasters seeking for you to brew the God-shot and God-brew. Recognition goes out to our warm happy regulars who have led us to where we are now, expanding into more technical areas to always develop the better brew. Precise and clear-cut cuppings and research is constantly our priority in order to push ourselves to bring your coffee experience to another horizon. We source unique green arabica beans which boasts itself an exclusive personality and flavour profile, be it a fruity and crisp; chocolatey and buttery; spice-y and floral cup of joe, we got you covered with our customized blends or single origins. Cowpresso products are embedded with quality and passion and bantering around a roast with a good cup of joe is joy for us and hopefully for you too. As the saying goes, It's Fresher than Milk.Subscribe TODAY! 

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