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Lelit Rubber Back-flush Disc (Alternative to Blind Filter Basket)

Lelit Rubber Back-flush Disc (Alternative to Blind Filter Basket)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Backflush process is the same for all machines, but do consult your operating manuals for the exact process.

How to backflush your machine
1. Turn machine power on
2. Ensure machine is at brewing temperature
3. Ensure there is water in the boiler, and ensure drip tray is empty
4. Place rubber backflush disc into your single/double filter basket in your portafilter
5. If doing a thorough clean, use 1 sachet of puly caff detergent and place it in the blind filter
6. Insert portafilter into grouphead as if brewing coffee
7. Pull the brew lever down for 10 seconds and pull back up the lever.
8. Repeat this procedure 5 times.
9. Pull the brew lever and ensure the shower gasket and portafilter is rinsed by the hot water.
10. Put filter holder into grouphead and repeat steps 3 and 4 to ensure grouphead and shower gasket is sufficiently clean.
11. Toss away the first espresso you pull after this cleaning process.

Diameter: 5cm

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