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Brazil Santos 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)
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Brazil Santos 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)
Brazil Santos 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)

Brazil Santos 1KG (Green/Unroasted Coffee)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters

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Please note this is Green Unroasted Coffee beans, not Roasted Coffee.

Contact us for Wholesale rates, we are keen on aiding the Home Roaster's/Small Roasting Business Community! We hold more than 30 other Single Origin/Blends Green Coffee Beans in our Roasting lab as well, let us know if you are keen.


Variety: Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Tupi

Elevation: 500m-1350m

Processing: Natural

Recommended roast profile: Medium/City Roast

Flavour: Chocolatey, buttery, dark cocoa and hazelnuts

Acidity: Soft

Body: Medium

As a Pour over, buttery notes can be scented immediately. Just like a nut flavoured essential oil, this brazil as a pour will bring about a delicate smooth joe perfumed with light hints of hazelnut.

As an Espresso, the brazillian is brought to its fullest potential. Chocolatey. Buttery. Nutty. Yes this is the ideal way to brew the brazillian. Reminisce of a bouquet of nutella and lindt chocolate. A deep sense of endorphins will run through your blood as the deep complex chocolatey notes will bring about memories of drinking hot chocolate on a Sunday Morning